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Nagaland one of the most beautiful states in India placed at the Northeast. The state is very close to Myanmar. Kohima is the capital of Nagaland. Nagaland’s biggest city is Dimapur. It is one of the smallest states in India. As per the records, around 16 tribes live in Nagaland making it one of the most culturally rich states in India. The Christian population has a majority in this state. Every tribe has its own culture, language, and rituals. English is the main language of Nagaland. Agriculture is the main occupation of the people of Nagaland. The main crops are oilseeds, corn, rice, sugarcane, tobacco, and pulses. The state has an economic growth of 10% every year, which is one of the best in Northeast. Hornbill festival is one of the amazing festivals held in Nagaland every year.  

The Hornbill Festival

nagaland photoPhoto by Retlaw Snellac Photography

When we talk about Nagaland, we cannot miss the famous Hornbill Festival of this state. This was started in 2000 and takes place every year from Dec 1 to Dec 10. This festival is being conducted here every year to protect the cultural heritage of Nagaland. Since it is the land of tribes, their traditions need to be preserved with complete respect and it needs to be protected from the influence of alien forces. So this festival gives importance to these factors with some more activities so that tourism could get a good lead.


nagaland photoPhoto by Retlaw Snellac Photography

The Nagaland Hornbill festival takes place at Kisama, which is around 11 km from Kohima. Nagas are culturally rich and they live their lives with full enjoyment. During the Hornbill festival, all these tribes meet at one place. They have different culture and rituals and by coming together for this festival they meet each other and display their age-old traditions to others. Kisama is termed as the Naga’s heritage village. There you could see morungs (dormitories for boys) and huts built by each of the tribes at Kisama. It is a beautiful village with picturesque sceneries and traditional ecstasy and will never treat you like an outsider. 

The Festivities

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The first 3 days are meant for tribal sports, dances, and songs which make the event colorful. Naga’s tribal events are beautiful since they are traditional and unique. You can see different types of drums, pipes, and musical instruments that amaze the audience. Even the way they dress up with all their head gears and weapons, they look very different. Each tribe has different costumes and living style. The cuisines of the tribes are really lip-smacking. The delicacies are served at huts and there you can enjoy rice beer also though Nagaland is a dry state.


This event is being celebrated for more than 17 years. Hence, it has grown to become one of the biggest cultural events in the Northeast states. Almost 8 states take participate in this event. This makes Hornbill festival even more important to Nagaland. The cultural groups of northeast states get the chance to perform at this event. The Hornbill festival is a wonderful experience because you can enjoy some rare and unique cultural programmes of the entire northeast tribes at one place. Hornbill festival attracts many foreign tourists since they are very much interested in knowing more about the cultural diversities of India.

Hornbill festival has an important role in our present culture also. Every year, during the time of Hornbill festival, a Rock festival also takes place at Kohima. This is known to be the biggest Rock festival of India. Dance and singing are there in the blood of the Nagas and they believe that these are the ways to reach God. At the Hornbill festival, you can see many adventurous activities also. Chilly and pork eating competition, Car rally, mud race and many other sports take place during this festival. Kohima city will be decorated and the roads will be crowded with people even during the nights. Night bazaars will be opened for all 7 days. Food stalls, music, and magicians create an exciting festive experience for all the visitors. 

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Nagaland Hornbill Festival

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