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It is been blessed with lofty peaks and slopes together with a dazzling scene, Himachal Pradesh is nothing not as much as heaven. Located in the heart of the western part Himalayas, the Himachal Pradesh state has rough bluffs, lake, and excellent décor and further appreciation to the mountain peaks in Himachal Pradesh. This hill station is actually a genuine scene, elevation extends from 350 meters to 7,000 meters at Himachal Pradesh.

You will find a lot more places and spots for the newly wed to travel around, especially for the adventurous lovers like rock climbers then also the nature lovers. Most of the travelers who come here will call it as the “dev bhumi”in addition to the massive forests that it holds which are always to be ruled by the Gods.

Ever since 1972, the destinations like Shimla, Chamba, Kulu, and Manali has been created as the solid tourism industry. When you have packed your travel sacks for the excursion to the borders of Jammu and Kashmir, the cloudy mornings, foggy evenings, and the mountains would be the best entertainment and peace of mind for the following few days of your life. Amongst the much-acclaimed slope stations of India, Himachal holds a rich culture, different wildlife, and natural reserve, waterfalls, and lakes to discover. The state to a great extent involves the six slope areas of Chamba, Sirmaur, Bilaspur, Kinnaur, Mandi, and Mahasu, the extension of tourism has turned into a vital wellspring of advancement in the area.

There are places for a newly wed to visit, for the rock climbers, and the nature lovers. Travelers often call it the “dev bhumi” as well for its massive forests said to rule by the Gods. The Deodar Forest is an abundance of greenery with wildlife. There are jeep trips to the Deodar where tourists love to go for the wildlife adventures. In fact, Deodar Forest of the Himachal Pradesh is acclaimed for the misty air and the dots of the sunshine that peeps through the tall deodar trees.

Himachal Pradesh is renowned among the travelers looking for loneliness and fun, the naturalist who needs to inhale fresh air and adventurous junkies who needs to relish in the trekking at Himachal. A portion of the popular Himalaya mountain ranges which go through Himachal Pradesh is The Dhauladhar Range, The Pir Panjal Range, and The Great Himalayan Range. The biggest of the lesser Himalayan range is the Pir Panjal that runs that comprises of numerous icy glaciers and High elevation passes; the Rohtang Pass is one among of them close to Manali. The Zaskar Range will separate the Lahaul and Spiti from the Tibet region. It comprises of mount peaks of elevation about 6500 m such as Shilla (that is 7026m) also Reo Phargyul (that is 6791m).

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Here is the rundown of most celebrated mountain peaks in Himachal Pradesh that are about 5000 m and is been also open for mountaineering campaigns. These are really mesmerizing destination and cannot be missed out while you are in tour in Himachal.

The Kinnaur Kailash Peak (6500 m, 21320 ft)

Kinnaur Kailash Peak  photoPhotos by India Untravelled,

The Kinnaur peak otherwise also called to be the Kinner Kailash peak always stands to be the outstanding mountain peak in the Kinnaur region of the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is truly the highest altitude mount peak that is located in Kailash range Kinnaur at the same time it is also the tallest by an altitude of about 6500 m. The Charang La Pass trek which is in this region is recognized to be the hardest trek in India.

The Indrasan Peak (6220 m, 20401 ft)

indrasan-peakPhotos by India Untravelled,

The stunning Indrasan peak- While you have the first sight of this outstanding Indrasan Peak that too after crossing up the Hampta Pass then for sure you will come to know why this Indrasan Peak is usually called to be the “The Aasan of Indra” which means the Throne or the Rain God- The Indra. Indrasan Peak is reflected to be the fifth world’s technical pinnacle as well as it continued as the virgin peak until years of 1960’s.

The Deo Tibba Peak (6001 m, 19683 ft)

deo-tibba-expedition2Photos by India Untravelled,

This Deo Tibba Peak is the splendid peak situated in the Kullu valley by an altitude of above 6001 meters. It is generally said that it remains to be the best peak above 6K to start its mountain climbing at the time after climbing the other lower peaks. The Deo Tibba trek is too one among the popular treks that are near the Manali together with the majestic outlooks of Deo tibba peak.

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The Hanuman Tibba Peak (5860 m, 19220 ft)


This is the terrific pyramid technical peak to climb at Western Himalayas through the highest altitude of nearly 5860 m that is been positioned near the north of Manali somewhat close to the Solang valley. Hanuman tibba peak looks like a pyramid by way of a diverse look at each side through sharp slope. This trek is greatly famed among the trekkers. Also, this trek offers you the bizarre views of the royal mountains in addition to other instances of nature’s magnificence. The best season to go for a trek to this Hanuman Tibba Peak is between the month of mid-May till end October.

Shitidhar Peak (5290 m, 17351 ft)


This mesmerizing peak is the snow enclosed mount peak that is well celebrated between all the mountaineering students as well as this Shitidhar peak functions as the training destination for the bigger expedition at High Himalayan mountain peaks. The Shitidhar peak name has been arising from “Shiti which means Sharp then Dhar that means Edge” and subsequent to Shitidar peak lies the Ladakhi in addition to Manali trekking peak the further eminent mountain peaks nearby Manali.

The landscape and the atmosphere of the state of Himachal Pradesh are simply breathtaking and you ought to certainly not forget to bring shawls as well as caps that to maintain and retain to make you warm. The lakes and rivers running nearby create a feeling while touched by way of bare hands. The snow-covered road walls in addition to the mountain would leave you magic charm bound as you trip over the main road that would lead to Leh.

Featured Image Photo by NavNirvana

Mystic Mountain Peaks In Himachal Pradesh

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