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The Jammu and Kashmir Cuisine will combine the influence from the great Indian Muslims aw well Hindus too. Further, they have got the inspiration from the Afghan and Persian invaders. At the time during the period of Timur invasion, there were sayings that a chef from Samarkand was asked to come to Kashmir. And then they settled here and then influenced the Kashmiri cuisine to an ultimate level. Even today this culinary skill is very much framed. All over the year thousands of the visitors including international travelers visit this stunning hill station of Jammu and Kashmir, they love the delicious aromas in addition to the reach flavors and delight in these culinary.

Numerous tribes also segments of the society has supplemented their peculiar flavor to the Kashmiri food. You will also notice that the preparation style of Kashmiri Brahmins or else Pandits then the Muslims of Kashmir will have a radical difference. When you take the Brahmins they will make use of substantial amounts of curd together with the asafetida and ginger in their food, eliminating onions, garlic, and eggs. While the Muslim will make use of onions, garlic, then egg liberally in most of their food preparation. In the Jammu and Kashmir cuisine, you could find the common spices as the Kashmiri chilies and Saffron.

Pasanda photoPhotos by Tom Ipri,

Meats then Mutton are very much special in Kashmiri cuisine. Apart from that chicken and fish are also essential ingredients in Kashmiri cuisine. In Kashmir meat is been prepared in several ways and is been generally prepared with the combination of vegetables and spices like saffron, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and so on.
The Brahmins, as well as Muslims in Kashmir, make similar meat recipes offering their specific unique twist to each one. Several of the widespread Kashmiri meat dishes are:

• Kashmiri Kebab
• Rogan Josh
• Rista
• Jigar/Kaleyji
• Methi Keema
• Yakhni
• Syun Alu
• Kabargah
• Marzwagan
• Pasanda

The interesting combinations of vegetable preparation are brought out from the various varieties of vegetables, cottage cheese and Potato. For cooking purpose, they use both fresh as well as fried vegetables. Listed below are certain appealing vegetarian dishes at Jammu and Kashmir

• Hak
• Rajmah
• Ladyar Tsaman
• Nadeir Yakhaen

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Rice is the essential diet at Kashmir, which is been grown at the lake shores also river banks. Prevalent rice preparations at Kashmir are:

• Shree Pulao
• Mutton Pulao
• Tursh
• Zarda

Kulcha is the famous bread prepared of wheat eaten at Kashmir. The below listed four recipes are very much famous and widely enjoyed by the travelers who visit Kashmir over the year.

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Kashmiri Kebab

Kashmir Kebab photoPhotos by Ankur P,

Kashmiri kebab is the widespread meat recipes at Jammu and Kashmir. It is been enjoyed both as the snack or else meal with rice otherwise bread prepared out of wheat. The perfumed aroma and delightful taste create this dish as the favorite one world over. Thus, whatever North Indian restaurant you go for in the all over the world, then you could flavor these yummy kebabs.

Kashmiri Pandit Cuisine

kashmiri-thali-1Photos by Ankur P,

In the state of Jammu and Kashmir, the Kashmiri Pandits are the eldest inhabitants. Over the years a lot of Hindus traveled into the area from further parts of north India. The Kashmiri Hindus hold their peculiar distinctive traditional culture. This describes their lifestyle in addition to cuisine. The Kashmiri Pandit cuisines are wonderful and far-reaching and consist of both vegetarian plus non-vegetarian dishes.

Kashmiri Pandits familiarized the usage of yoghurt, then asafetida also turmeric powder to the Indian cuisine. Not like Kashmiri Muslims, they commonly do not use egg, chicken, garlic, onions, and tomatoes.

The Vegetarian dishes of the Kashmiri Pandit cuisine take in a range of rich curry dishes by cottage cheese as well as the variety of vegetables. Potato, Aubergine, lotus stem, turnip spinach, and then kidney beans are certain of the vegetables that will be used. Eminent vegetarian Kashmiri Pandit recipes are:

• Dum Aloo (Made out of potato roasted through yoghurt then spices)
• Nadier Palak (the amalgamation of lotus stem then spinach)
• Rajmah (The kidney beans made by a range of the spices and vegetables)
• Veth Tsaman (the cottage cheese preparation)
• Tsoek Vaingan (tangy, sour and hot aubergines)

kashmiri-pandit-cuisinePhotos by stu_spivack,

The non-vegetarian Kashmiri Pandit cookery is very much similar to that one Muslim counterpart. However, the flavor is diverse since of the usage of extra yoghurt. Likewise onions, spicy garlic then eggs will not be used. Mutton then fish is frequently used to make the non-vegetarian dishes. The meat will be initially marinated in the yoghurt then they are cooked at low heat for the long period to create it gentle and soft. You will find that there is an Awadhi influence at the meat cooking method. Best widespread non-vegetarian Kashmiri Pandit recipes are:

• Methi Qeema (crushed mutton variegated by fenugreek)
• Kabargah (fried lambs ribs)
• Rogan Josh (lamb curry by way of yoghurt plus spices)
• Tsoek Tsarvan (kidney otherwise liver of lamb prepared carefully by classified spices)
• Syun Aloo (fiery potato with meat preparation)

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Food Grains – As said earlier rice, as well as the wheat, are the staple diet of the Kashmiri Pandit family. Sarvari plus Bazbatta are the rice kind of dishes. Khameeri Puri is general bread prepared out of wheat at Kashmiri Pandit cuisine.

Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh photoPhotos by stu_spivack,

The cookery of Jammu and Kashmir had been progressed over these years. A number of invaders then leaders influenced it while they carried their private chefs in order to cook for them. A lot of these chefs remained on then conceded their culinary skills over to the succeeding generation. Their familiarity, skill also hard work is apparent at their elegance of making food. A prevalent dish of the Persian basis is Rogan josh otherwise called rich lamb curry.

While the Persian came to India they brought to them their sophisticated culinary appetite carried with them and also the food preparation techniques. On settle down AT the Kashmir valley, the chefs OF Persian or ‘Wazas’ begin to use Kashmiri spices in addition to ingredients to make food. To create the korma (a kind of curry) for the Rogan josh, wazas make use of dried fruits, cream, saffron then nuts. This provided it the yellow color texture. Bit by bit, they enriched on it to offer the extra reddish color in addition creamier texture. Further, they also added a few ingredients then finally subtracted the cream as well as nuts. Lastly, the Rogan josh was born.


wazwanPhoto by Ron Dollete

Except for Wazwan none of the other meal could define the Kashmiri meal as this does. This is the sacred meal custom which is cooked during the time of weddings, other special occasions and on superior functions. This multi-course dinner takes account of an extensive range of dishes, from meats, the rice, and then breads till desserts. A typical wazwan dishes will comprise of the below following recipes

• Seekh kebab
• Methi korma
• Tabak maaz
• Safed murg
• Zafrani murg
• Sweet Rice Pulao
• Dum alu
• Rista
• Nadir palak
• Nadir yakhn
• Chaman kaliya
• Hak
• Kashmiri kebab
• Yakhni
• Daniwal korma
• Rogan josh
• Marchwangan korma
• Aab gosht
• Gushtaba (last course)
• Phirni (dessert)
• Kahwah (tea)

So when you plan your vacation to Kashmir, then don’t miss out these yummy recipes, and then your trip will not be fulfilled. If you taste these flavors then we promise that when you visit Kashmir again then you will never fail to taste these dishes again.

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Mystery Behind The Jammu And Kashmir Cuisine

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