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3068074531 258e7f0e9d Andhra Meals

Andhra Pradesh is the charming state that is entirely the most celebrated for its cuisine till date. Moreover, there is saying that Andhra food is always well known for their spicy, hot and tangy delicious dishes. The most interesting factor in the Andhra Pradesh Cuisine, it is the blend of both Southern as well as proper Deccan stylishness of cuisine. Even in the gastronomy the reflection of the “Nawabi “style will be observed. Andhra cuisines are mainly vegetarian diet however the coastline regions will rely on the great range of seafood. Coconut oil creates the regular cookery medium for the Andhra cuisine.

The all-time favorite dishes of the Andhra people are pulihara, which is the tamarind rice but will be heavily spiced by cut green chillies. The chief food the people consume is the rice, yet the Andhra food would not be complete without the heavy usage of chillies and hot spices. The Telugu people enjoy their side dishes more than the main course, the hot red pickles, crispy poppadums garnished with spicy pepper and yoghurt. The special food in Andhra is the rice pancake called the Dosa. Curd too will be a portion of their meal in Andhra Pradesh since it benefits to neutralize the hot spicy nature that is contained in their food.

Andhra meals photoPhotos by yummyoyummy,

As said they love to have pickles in all the food they have, it is always the important side dish of them. And the well famous pickles of Andhra are the Avakaya and the Gongura. Avakaya pickle is a recipe made out of green mango and the Gongura is prepared by the leaves of the gongura plants. Actually, a distinct is the gongura pachadi that is similarly appetizing.

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How does that the Andhra Pradesh food wins since it holds the world fame Hyderabadi Cuisine. The Hyderabadi cuisine has got the great foundation in the Mughal cuisine. It is told that royal Hyderabadi recipes are all cooked with scrupulous cherishing of the Mughlai flavours through the amalgam of spices. The final dish would be enriched in taste also in the aroma.

Andhra meals photoPhotos by Visakha Budathadu,

Eminent all throughout the world, the ever aromatic meat plus rice preparation titled biryani goes to Hyderabad. Enchanting its clue from the legendary Nizams of the Hyderabad, this manifestly Muslim recipe is chiefly prepared by tasty meats, sugary spices and most important the methods of putting them all together in the best delicious style are the fact in it. They also make use of fresh fruits like custard apples, fine bananas, and yummy mangoes also the locally grown-up grape, anab e shahi, turn similar to the solution to the spices of the recipes.

The most famous sweets in Andhra Pradesh are the ‘Bandhar Ladoo’, ‘Bobbatlu’, ‘Putharekulu’, ‘Sheer Khurma’, ‘Payasam’ and ‘Booralu’. As they do in the South Indian States, here in Andhra also the traditional meal is served in the banana leaf. The whole meal contains five different varieties accompanied by the various range of sauces and side dishes.

Andhra meals photoPhotos by Sai Sreekanth,

Haleem is one of the classic dishes in Hyderabad. The recipe contains excellently ground paste of equal quantity of water plus meat, carefully spiced. Boiled eggs in the crushed meat crust create nargisi kofta that while broken open, the yellow yolk bounded by the egg white beside a brown meat background evokes the narcissus flower where the nargis is sprouting through the bare earth.

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Featured Image Photo by kkalyan

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