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If you are a student you would surely have heard about Vellore, what with the famous two famous educational institutes in the city.  If you are an Industrialist or Economist, you would have followed its Industrial growth.  Even Doctors talk about it as a very important center of Medical tourism in India. What is in it for the common man, you wonder? Well, Vellore has History, Education, Religion, Medicine, Amusement and more ……everything, which will make your Holiday the most memorable one!  Let’s explore the Must See Places in Vellore here.

Before we go to the list – some amazing Vellore facts:

  • It lies on the banks of the river Palar, in Tamil Nadu, India.
  • Features on the 27 Smart Cities Project list released by the Government of India
  • All IT majors have an Office here
  • Industrial hub with many manufacturing and automobile industries
  • About 37% of Indian leather and leather products exported from here
  • One of the very important centers of Medical Tourism in India
  • Steeped in History as it was ruled by Pallavas, Cholas, Vijayanagaram kings, Rashtrakutas and the British
  • Vellore Insitute of Technology and Christian Medical College and Hospital situated here are among the top ten Indian Educational Institutes.
  • The name Vellore is derived from the term Vel which is the weapon of Lord Karthikeya. Another legend states that there were many Velan(Babul) trees here in earlier times and hence this name.
  1. Vellore Fort

vellore fort photoPhoto by Kumar Appaiah

The Vellore Fort was built by Vijayanagar kings.  It houses the Government Museum, St.John’s Church and the Jalakandeshwarar temple.  The fort was witness to the Battle of Thoppur, Carnatic wars and the Vellore Mutiny -1806.

       2. Government Museum

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This museum was established in 1985 and is housed inside the Vellore Fort.  The total display area is 5000Sq feet with 8 galleries of 2896 exhibits.  The exhibits include stone sculptures, coins, prehistoric exhibits, Bronze statutes, a Zoological segment with biological specimens, weapons, wood carvings and Handicrafts.

  1. Science Park

Vellore Science Park is among the  Must See Places for Children.  It has many galleries that have exhibits based on Environment, Lather and Physical science.  There are summer camps for children that focus on Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences and Psychology.  There are lots of practical experiments which are conducted here for the benefit of the children.

  1. Vainu Bappu Observatory

This Observatory is located on Javadi Hills about 70 kms from Vellore City.    It has the largest telescope in India.  Many astronomical discoveries have been made in this observatory.  You will be surely amazed at the great discoveries made here.

  1. Religious spots

There are also famous religious spots that you can connect with divinity here.  Both Ancient and modern temples feature in the landscape.

  • Jalakandeshwarar temple

Vellore photoPhoto by Kumar Appaiah

This temple was built on an Anthill surrounded by water.  It is a very ancient temple built by the Nayaka rules of Vijaynagaram. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.  People come to worship the Gold, Silver Lizard and Snake sculptures for relief from Sarpa Dosha here.  The Architecture here is amazing and reflects the skills of erstwhile sculptors.

  • Sri Lakshmi Narayana Temple

This temple is located about 7 km away from the city.  It attracts lots of visitors.  The reason – to amaze at both the exteriors and interiors of the temple that are covered in Gold.  A relatively new temple, it has messages from Hindu texts, Bible and Quran.

  • John Church and Assumption Cathedral
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This church was built in 1846 and is the oldest serving church in the city. It can seat  280 people. Both St. John Church and Assumption Cathedral are located inside the Vellore fort.

  1. Amrithi Zoological park

This park is also situated on the Javadi Hills and around 25 km from the city.  The park is spread on a 25-hectare land and contains Tortoises, Peacock, Crocodiles, eagles, Ducks, Crocodiles, Pythons and wild cats. Children will surely enjoy a visit to this Zoo.

You can also visit the Yelagiri Hills and Mordhana Dam quite near the Vellore city and make it complete thrilling,  educative and religious holiday.

Featured Photo by A Surya Teja


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