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The beautiful city of Mussoorie is also quite commonly referred to as the “Queen of Mountains”. Yes, it truly is a queen immensely beautiful crowned with the beautiful green hills all around. A visit to this city will surely rejuvenate you with its totally fresh environment. Located at a distance of around 34 kilometres from the city Dehradun, mussoorie is set at an altitude of around 6,170 ft. (1,880 metres). This hill station is one of the most popular hilly destination in India. Don’t you want to explore the beauty of this beautiful Indian queen? Come along then.

What’s The Name? Mansoori Or Mussoorie

Mussoorie photoPhoto by Michael Scalet

Mussoorie was discovered by Mr. Lt. Frederick Young a young and brave British military who came in to this beautiful town with a sole determination of bagging some game. He was so mesmerised by the beauty of this town that he took a decision to build a hunting lodge on the Camel’s Back Road way back in the year 1823.

Ok now coming to the name, what do you call it? Mansoori or Mussoorie? The name Mussoorie has been taken from the name Mansoor. This Mansoor is a shrub which is native to this particular area. Guess this is the reason why even today many people still call it Mansoori and not Mussoorie. What’s in the name, isn’t it? To experience the real charm of Mussoorie you must be there physically.

Some Interesting Facts About The Queen Of Mountains

Mussoorie is very often referred to as “The Queen Of Mountains”. This colonial hill staton is one of the most popular destinations for vacation in the country. Be it Honeymooners or family, there is something in store for each and everyone in this beautiful hilly town. Let’s check out some special and interesting facts about this beautiful place.

Mussoorie photoPhoto by paulhami

1. The Mall Road

Almost every hill station in india has a Mall road. And let me tell you this mall road is one of the most popular places to be.  The Mall road in Mussoorie represents the famous place Mall.

2. Time and the Gunhill

Sounds like a mystery, isn’t it? This would surely sound interesting to you. During the During the colonial rule people used to adjust their watches based on a Gunfire. Yes, this Gunhill had a top which was gun mounted, every day at mid-day a gun was fired from the top of this hill. This was an indication for the people to adjust their watches accordingly.

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3. Total Population

In the year 1901, Mussoorie total population was counted as 6,461. This count increased by nearly 400% in 100 years. According to the 2001 reports the total population of Mussoore was reported as 26,069.

4. Lal Tibba

Lal Tibba is one of the most popular tourist attraction as it is the highest place in the town. Place at an enormous height of around 2,290 metres (7,510 ft.), this place is a must visit for all.

5. Racists Signs

This one might give you a bit of a shock, but its true. Way back in the British region, Indians were restricted entry to Mussoorie. There were racist signs placed on the Mall which expressly stated –  “Indians and Dogs Not Allowed”. During that era, Motilal Nehru Ji (Father of JawaharLal Nehru) very frequently broke that racist rule. Later these signs were removed from the walls of the Mall.

Another interesting thing to add about the Nehru Family is that Mussoorie was there favourite vacation place. They used to visit Mussoorie very frequently, this is during the 1920 to 1940s. During that time they use to stay at the Savoy Hotel.

6. Dalai Lama and the Tibetian Population

In the year 1959, Dalai Lama the Tibetan was deported by China to India. Then Dalai Lama had an intention to make a Tibetan deported govt here, he was later transferred to the Dharmshala located in Himachal Pradesh. Even today more than 5000 number of Tibetans live in the Mussoorie valley.

7. Bollywood Connection

It’s today that most of the film makers prefer foreign destinations in the movies they make. But during the era of Devanand, Mussoorie was the first Choice for celebrities. This shows how addictive the beauty of this valley is, isn’t it?

Top Places To Visit In Mussoorie

kempty falls photoPhoto by Praveen Ankireddy

1. Camel’s Back Road

This is a 4-kilometre-long stretch, it was named after a cluster of rocks which naturally look like a camel’s hump.

2. The Mall Road

Your trip to Mussoorie can never be complete without taking a restful stroll on the Mall Road. The Mall Road is truly the heart and soul of Mussoorie.

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3. Benog Wildlife Sanctuary

Surrounded by beautiful snow-capped mountains peaks and pine trees, this sanctuary is ideal place for all those who love nature and birds.

4. Shedup Choepelling Temple

We spoke about the Tibetan Population, already isn’t it? The Shedup Choepelling Temple is also popular as the Tibetan Buddhist temple. This temple was set up by the Tibetan population living in this city. It is placed on the Happy Valley road in Mussoorie.

5. Gun Hill

Second highest point in Mussoorie after palace Lal Tibba. This hill top is set at about 400 feet directly above the Mall. This place is easily accessible by ropeways. For those who like adventure you can always try trekking that starts from the court complex located in the Mall road.

6. Lal Tibba

Red Hill or the Lal Tibba is the highest point in Mussoorie. It is one of the must visit destination in Mussoorie.

7. Mussoorie Lake

The Mussoorie Lake is very new addition to the tourist attractions in Mussoorie. This lake was developed by the Dehradun Development Authority. Toursist enjoy boating and food amidst the beautiful and scenic surroundings of the valley below.

8. Kempty Falls

These beautiful vertical waterfall is one of the most renowned tourist destination in Mussoorie. The beautiful view of the water cascading down from a massive height of 40 feet is just mesmerising.

Mussoorie is a really beautiful little town that is full of green hills, perfect for people who look to escape from the hustle and bustle of the polluted city life. The fresh environment is just perfect to find some piece of mind. I would strongly recommend the newly married couples and love birds to consider this little Indian gem as their dream destination.

Have you already been to Mussoorie? Do you have anything interesting experience to share with us? Please drop it to us as comments below.

Featured Photo by paulhami

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