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Worli Sea Link Last

The Mumbai Chronicles

As pure glamour poured out of the sky,
Seven islands formed the city of Mumbai.
Gateway to the nation, alpha in world’s reign,
Grandeur everywhere, beauty in its vein.
Where religion knows no bound at all,
Siddhivinayak and Haji Ali stand to devotees’ call.
True essence of nature can here be smelled,
Sanjay Gandhi National Park is where adventure’s held.
Visit the island of the sculpted Elephanta caves,
Hit the beaches to the uproar of the Mumbai waves.
Every city has a story to its name,
Mumbai Devi Temple is its patron to fame.
The heritage of the city outshines its neighbors,
Worli and Madh Forts once acted as its saviors.
Technology meets innovation at Nehru Science Centre,
The INS Vikrant boasts the excellence of its inventor.
Big Ben has a new name in the city of art,
The majesty of Rajabai Clock Tower makes it stand apart.
Cricket entertains the city of madness,
The Wankhede Stadium is the ultimate address.
The sanctity of Jama Masjid calms down the place,
Cathedral of Holy Name is the source of God’s grace.
The city of cinemas – the world knows by,
India’s superstars hail from the very land of Mumbai.
Rush into amusement in the world of Essel,
Sail in the Arabic on a boat or a vessel.
Feel the elegance of the bountiful city,
You are sure to fall for its magical affinity.
The land is rich yet its dwellers are shy,
Oh heaven on earth! That’s the beauty of Mumbai.

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