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Mukteshwar- Offbeat Destination In Uttarakhand
We all get to visit places which presents amazing views or have certain historical significance to it. How about a place which is also a brain teaser along with the aforesaid combination? Mukteshwar is this beautiful hill station with historical background and also of religious importance and has a research center.

Mukteshwar – The Beautiful Adobe 

Mukteshwar  photo
“Photo of View from Mukteshwar, Uttaranchal” by Sanjoy Ghosh under CC By 2.0

It is located in Uttarakhand, at Nainital, at an elevation of 2286 m. This small picturesque town, with mountains all around, derives its name from a Lord Shiva Temple. This 350-year-old temple, known as the Mukteshwar Dham sits on top of a hill, overlooking the entire valley. It is said by the local guides that the temple was built in the 15th century by Tamil Kingdom’s Pandiya king. 

Apart from the temple, there is also a Samadhi of a saint named Shri Mukteshwar Maharaj, who lived in a small cottage on the hilltop in this mountain village. The entire temple premise is a perfect location for meditation and one can truly understand what a Tapovan in our religious texts and mythologies actually mean by being here. 

Another major attraction of this place is the IVRI center i.e. Indian Veterinary Research Institute and would be of particularly interesting to those who have interests in science or of a curious mind. Scientist and Nobel prize winner Robert Koch visited the place and materials used by him are kept in display over here.

Mukteshwar also finds a place in the famous book Man-eaters of Kumaun written by Jim Corbett. Before Independence, the place was called Muktesar. Jim Corbett came in Mukteshwar and stayed in the PWD circuit house and freed the people from the terrors of a tiger in this region. The book is a record of his exciting adventures of hunting in the kumaoni jungles.

In your stay in this hamlet, you may indulge in leisurely strolls, rock climbing, and rappelling, explore the forest, enjoy the wildlife and mountain birds views. The local people are very friendly and can make you part of their family with ease. If you are feeling super lazy just look outside your hotel room to find grand views of the Himalayan range. The PWD circuit house is known to offer the best views of the Himalayas in this region.

Accommodation – As of now, there are very few hotels in Mukteswar. A resort is there surrounded by coniferous forests which makes your stay as exciting as possible. However, Sargakhet, a little outside of this town has a few hotels and lodges.
How to reach – You may travel till Kathgodam, which is the nearest station to Mukteshwar. On reaching Kathgodam cabs and cars are available for hire to commute to the hill station. The 2-hour journey on the mountain road with forests and mountains all around is going to set the mood for your vacation. Nainital is just about 50 km from here and buses from Delhi Anand Vihar run to Haldwani, which is near to this place. From Haldwani you need to get a cab or car. The nearest airport is that of Pantnagar.
Best time to visit – Temperature drops below zero in the winters and monsoons receive heavy showers in this area. Thus the best time to visit is in autumn or spring.


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Featured “Photo of The Valley” by Sanjoy Ghosh under CC By 2.0
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