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West Bengal has been attracting tourists from all parts of the globe consistently. It has a lot to offer, and travelers enjoy their stay as they get to experience rich culture, heritage, and exciting traditions. Kolkata is the capital of the state and has some amazing restaurants and tourist spots, which remain crowded throughout the year. But if you want to relax on a sandy beach and soak up the sun this year, then booking a trip to check out Mousuni Island beach camps is a good idea.

Location of the Mousuni Island beach camps

It is a small island that is located few kilometers from Namkhana. It is located adjacent to the delta region of Sundarbans in West Bengal. Due to the proximity of this island to the Bay of Bengal, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the ocean from the many beaches, which are dotted along the coastline. It is this natural beauty that attracts campers and tourists to the Mousuni Island beach camps. These beach camps are not nestled in a particular area. As there are several beaches in this area, many such camps have cropped up. To get a better idea about these camps, you can search the internet accordingly.

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Best time to visit the place

Due to the nearness to the ocean, the climate of the island is balmy throughout the year. But the inflow of tourists increases many folds during the winter months. The sea breeze keeps the area fresh but not too cold. So, it is safe to say that December to February is considered as best Mousuni Island camp timings. It does not mean that people do not visit this island during the summer or monsoon months. As the humidity of the place is high during summers, only some camps stay active. But the monsoon Mousuni Island camp timings will give you a chance to appreciate the dangerous beauty of the oceans.

Are the camps costly?

As the locals and camp organizers get a substantial income from the tourists who take part in the Mousuni Island beach camps, they are careful not to charge these travelers too much. The price of the Mousuni Island camp packages may get a hike during the peak season; even then, the fee is reasonable. The fee that the camp organizers charge depends on the facilities and amenities included in the Mousuni Island camp packages. If you want to book rooms in the campsite, you need to shell out more cash. If you are there just to take part in the adventure sports, then the fee will be considerably low. But no price will be too high if you keep the beauty and tranquility of the Mousuni Island beach camps in mind.

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What will you get at these camps?

The people who book the Mousuni Island camp packages are just not looking to spend a relaxing day on the beach. The primary attraction of these camps is the elaborate list of fun and exciting activities that you will get to do here. The list of Mousuni Island camp activities includes a picnic, boat rides, and adventure sports. A significant percentage of people, showing up at these resorts, during the Mousuni Island camp timings is to take part in adventure sports. You can seek the assistance of experts and take part in windsurfing, deep water dives, and para-gliding. As for the kids, several age-appropriate Mousuni Island camp activities are programmed to keep them occupied. This place is also suitable for a romantic getaway.

Apart from this, each camper will also be able to bite into delicious local cuisines. Fresh fish from rives and oceans will add an extra flavor to your unique camping experience. So, check out the details and book the package that fits your budget.

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Mousuni Island Beach Camps: Doorway To Limitless Excitement

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