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Within the serene location of the Transhimalaya Mountain Range of the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China, stands the divine and exotic Mount Kailash. And is Mount Kailash Mystery with the dimension of 22,028 ft over the sea level, this peak is lauded as the symbol of ultimate holiness.

Mount Kailash Mystery Photo by vijaykiran

A note about the beguiling Mount Kailash Mystery

The awe-rising notions about the Mount Kailash Mystery serve as a dose of eternal bewilderment to all the cognitive minds of the global society. Here some anecdotes of the divine riddle are provided:

  • The distinctive locational situation gives the appearance of a lotus bulging out from within the mountains embracing it.
  • The play of the out worldly and hypnotic light at the Manas-Sarovar lake at every morning doubles up the conjure of the Mount Kailash Mystery. No explanation to this has been reached till date.
  • In their attempt to decode the Mount Kailash Mystery, the logical Russian minds claim that the unique symmetry of the peak is the center point of an assembly of about 100 pyramids. They depict these pyramids to be human-made; built by people who were technologically more prudent than the 22nd-century people. They also vow that this assembly to be a continuation of a certain structural technique that interlinks all the mysterious locations of the world to each other.
  • Not known how, but another dimension of the Mount Kailash Mystery states that the weather around the area is such that it nurtures every living object with the aura of eternity. Further, the pilgrims narrate to have experienced actual growth of their hair and nails within 12 hours at Mount Kailash which requires commonly 15 days back at home.
  • Eyes and video recording reveal that every day before setting, an image of the Sun falls over the rocks of this mountain which resemble like the Swastika or the Hindu holy sign. It is believed to be Sun Lord’s departing adieu to God Shiva, the angelic inhabitant of the peak.
  • The ethereal Mount Kailash Mystery is all the more enriched by the fact that till date no human feet have been able to get a hold of its ground. Mountaineers voice that, most amazingly, this peak alters the target route whenever expeditions are arranged. It is believed that the pathways go just the opposite course.
  • The anatomic symmetry of the peak augments the Mount Kailash Mystery by giving the profile of a sharp four facet look. Believed to be crafted from gold, lapis lazuli, crystal and ruby, these four faces are considered as the fundamental tips of a compass.
  • At the every breaking of dawn, the holy travelers have vowed to hear jingles of accessories and seen the movement of the Manas- Sarovar water. The Hindus depict those as a part of the bathing gesture of the Seven Sages.
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Mount Kailash Mystery Photo by Sunciti _ Sundaram’s Images + Messages

The stupefying mount kailash facts

Though considered to be at pace with logic, the mount kailash facts are too fair-enough competent to stun the mind. Some specific grounds within the mount kailash facts that attract attention are:

  • The positioning of the peak makes it the central node of the Earth. It is in perfect sequence with the Earth’s pole and to all the historic architectural edifices. For example, the venerable Stonehenge structure is distanced at an accurate space of 6666 kilometers from the mountain.
  • The two picturesque lakes of Manas-Sarovar and Raksash Tal with their spell-binding appearance, flow exactly opposite to each other with a sleek mountain strip dividing them. The first one looks of a sun, whereas the second one is viewed like a moon with a crescent. Given to its ever reposeful feel, Manas-Sarovar is considered to be the source of eternal positive vibes and the washer of all sins. But for its forever thundery nature, Raksash Tal or the devil’s lake is entitled to be the malicious one.
  • By the mount kailash facts, this peak remains unconnected by any train, plane or road routes till date. Every year, a handful of pilgrims endure the highest level of physical penance to reach the base of the peak by foot or on horse back and get a glimpse of paradise.

Few last words

Whereas the Hindu perspective of the mount kailash history claims it to be the abode of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, the Buddhists glorify the mount kailash history by endorsing it as the seat of meditation of their chaste monk Milarepa. The Jains contribute to the mount kailash history by magnifying it to be the place where Rishaba, the first one among their twenty-four Tirthankaras gained enlightenment. The Bon clan further nurture mount kailash history by depicting it to be the home of their Sky deity Sipaimen.

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To comprehend the exact geographical location of the peak, the mount kailash map at Google can be viewed. This digital version of the mount kailash map points out the Kangrinboqe Peak, of  Ngari China as this sacred mountain. The facility of the satellite presentation of the mount kailash map further boosts up an enthusiast to make up mind for the voyage.

Though undoubtedly a tenacious one, expedition to Mount Kailash is a lifetime endeavor. The breathing-in of the air there gives people the holy stimulation to complete the rest of life’s course.

Featured Photo by yuen yan

Mount Kailash Mystery – Unclimbed Peak By Man!

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