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Most Attractive 5 Places When You Visit Madhubani

There are reasons why people leave their jobs and travel the whole nine yards worldwide. But, perhaps if you’re an ardent travel enthusiast, you might like to get a captivating beauty of certain spot, may be a visit to Madhubani?

Madhubani is an ancient city in Bihar which is popularly known for its richness in culture. Ramayana, the epic has its name for the Madhubani paintings. Emerged from the district of Darbhanga in Bihar, Madhubani happens to be a small district slowly garnering immense popularity amongst the art fanatics who pay a visit to the city for its Madhubani paintings. With Darbhanaga on its south and Nepal to its north, the city is soon to get immensely popular among its own share art enthusiasts. The town comprise of multiple temples that are major attraction points for the locals of this town. Since the town is not really tourist-friendly, Madhubanni tourism won’t offer you too many sightseeing options. However, if you want to be a part of the small group of Madhubani tourism, you can pay a visit to this town in order to see the below-offered places in places in Madhubani. So, if you want to pay a visit to Madhubani, you need to know about the five Madhubanni best places to visit.

5 Most Amazing Places in Madhubani

  • Kapileshwar sthan

Kapileshwar sthan is 9 km away from the town, and this particular village is known for housing the Lord Shiva-dedicated temple known as Kapileshwar temple. On Mondays, this temple becomes exceptionally crowded, especially during the month of ‘shravan’. On Mahashivratri, it hosts a fair where the villages celebrate the occasion in their jovial own ways!

  • Saurath

On your way from Madhubani to Jaynagar, you will find a roadside small village which is known for the famous Somnath Mahadev temple. The Maithili Brahmins, every year, meet here to discuss their proposals and negotiate to terminate into the village weddings. One of the very reason why this temple is famous for is basically due to the reason aforementioned.

  • Nagar Fort

Nagar Fort is one of the most amazing places in Madhubani constructed by Maharaja Rameshwar Singh. This fort is also called Naulakha Palace. According to history, this fort suffered destructions tremendously because of the earthquake that occurred in the year 1934. Ever since then, this fort houses a magnificent structure used as the royal family’s residence, and it stands as a Khandahar. Historically and archeologically, this place holds massive importance.

  • Bhawanipur

Bhawanipur is one of the best Madhubanni best places situated about 5 km away from Pandaul Block Headquarters in Bihar’s Madhubani district. This village happens to be famous for the Ugaranath Temple. Another reason why the temple is famous is because of the association with Vidyapet, the poet. As far as the Indian mythology is considered, Vidyapet was Lord Shiva’s ardent devotee. And history says it that Lord Shiva even began to serve him as the servant known as Ugana. Hence, Ugana Mahadev Mandir is that spot where Lord Shiva revealed his identity to his ardent devotee!

  • Uchaitha

On Thumne River’s western bank, Bhagwati temple stands tall with all its glory! If the history records are anything to go by, then this particular spot is that location where the Bhagwati goddess was impressed by the dedication, skill, and devotion of Kalidas. Kalidas’s pathshala is located right to the southeast of the temple. An ancient spot, the temple was constructed with an Aryan Indo style of architecture. If historical stories are to be taken into consideration, Maharajadhiraaj Rameshwar Singh insisted on reinstalling the deity’s head right a day before the installation. The goddess appeared in the dream of the king, asking him to create the same. Hence, the goddess’s head was installed and kept next to the deity’s statue.

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Since Madhubani is rich from a religious viewpoint, a visit to the place would be exciting for all the religious traveling enthusiasts!

Featured Photo of ‘Madhubani painting, Bihar’ by Jean-Etienne Minh-Duy Poirrier under CC BY-SA 2.0

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