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The Morgan House – located in a quaint corner of the popular West Bengal hill station – Kalimpong, is a 1930s building. Surrounded by big pines and walls covered by vines all over, the place does give an eerie feeling at first look. It is said to be a haunting place of a female ghost. Though it looks dilapidated it is a famous boutique hotel named – The Morgan House Tourist Lodge managed by the West Bengal Tourism Department.

The ghost of Lady Morgan

The Morgan House was originally a British colonial abode built to celebrate the wedding of a jute baron Mr. George Morgan with an indigo plantation owner. The 16-acre estate located on the Durpindara mountain was a hot summery speedy retreat. It was owned by Mr. and Mrs. Morgan for a long time and they entertained their guests on the sprawling estate overlooking the fascinating Kanchenjunga mountain range. But after Mrs. Morgan passed away, Mr. Morgan abandoned the house. The estate and the lodge were then managed by a trust and post-independence it went to the government. The locals believe that the ghost of Mrs. Morgan is haunting the tourist lodge. There are tales of Mr. Morgan having jilted his wife, before her death and thus causing a lot of agony to her soul. No one has ever seen or claimed of ghost appearances, but there are rumors of hearing of tapping of high heels in the dilapidated corridors.

Famous lodge for its Celebrity Guests

Whether the lodge is truly haunted or not, no one really can say, but it sure has been a favorite place to stay for many celebrities. Indian actors who stayed in this lodge include popular names like Kishore Kumar, Uttam Kumar, Leena Chandavarkar, Amit Kumar, Sunil & Nargis Dutt, and Om Prakash. One can see their testimonials displayed in frames in the lounge area. It was a favorite hangout for Bengali star Utpal Dutt, he was a regular visitor to Kalimpong. So whether you will meet Lady Morgan’s ghost or not, you certainly will get to feel the space where several famous people have stayed in the past. And who knows you might just get to meet a present-day celeb there!

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Featured Photo by kg.abhi

The Haunting At Morgan House, Kalimpong

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