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Not only Goa is known for the magnificent golden beaches in a row with credible palm trees, the glittering blue stripe of an ocean which goes equivalent to the yellow sands in addition to the energetic friendly populaces , that enhances to the liveliness called ‘Goa’. The entire year over vitality of Goa, by the Western margin of the Indian subcontinent, is too credited to the countless number of fairs and festivals celebrated in Goa, which offers the people in Goa more motives to celebrate.

Regardless of being populated largely by the Christians, they not only celebrate the Christian fairs and festivals, however also Hindu religion festivals of that are eminent here through the similar passion and zeal. Apart from the Hindu and Christian fairs and festivals in Goa, you will also find people of further religious conviction living in Goa that makes a magnificent fusion of various traditions and cultures. It is over these festivals and fairs in Goa which one acquires the idea almost the pleasing essential amalgamation of all the distinct beliefs and faiths at Goa.

Shigmotsav or Shigmo:


The splendid five-day festivals of colors that are been celebrated uniquely at the villages which correspond to the Holi or Spring Festival. The function is normally held for almost one-week up till the full-moon day in the month of March, Shigmo is been universally celebrated at Goa, however, it is most famous in the Panaji, at Mapusa, Vasco-da-Gama also Margao.

Kalas Utsav

Kalas Utsav

This festival is celebrated on a great scale on every alternative year in Sri Morjaee Temple at Pernem. There is a seven-day socio-religious occasion that happens during this festival where people all around Karnataka and Maharashtra visit it.



This is a function or festival for the farmers. The Hindu or Christian farmers give up their first offering for the church in beforehand to harvesting their rice crop. Usually, the offering is done during the time of Novidade where the parish priest will himself harvest the sheaf of rice initially then returns it to the Church. The Natives or the locals will escort with him along by the music, jubilation, and fireworks. The earliest tribe settlers people of Goa that too women folk will give a performance of dance known to be the Bhandup in the course of the second half of that month.

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Zatra of Shri Shantadurga

Shri Shantadurga

The popular festival of Shri Shantadurga is celebrated in Dhargali at Pernem. On that day the divinity will be carried out of the temple in a very colorful manner. Also on this same month, the annual zatra of the Shri Shantadurga in Kunkoliemkarin in Fatorpa at Quepem will be celebrated. You will have thousands of people who attend this festival all over from the different regions.


MIdnight Xmas mass at Saligao

The celebration is known for the birth of Jesus Christ and is been celebrated in a grand manner. People and natives will make a point to go and will attend the special mass that is been conducted in the midnight. Once after the mass, people will go to their homes and decorate them through cribs, Christmas trees, stars also with stunning lights. People will share the sweets and offer gifts for the entire family members and also for their close ones and friends.

Bonderam Festival

Bonderam Festival

The Bonderam feast is conducted on every fourth of the Saturday of the month of August every year in the Divar Island, which is 12 km from the Panjim. On this day of the occasion, the antiquated land of Divar that is away from the commotion of Panjim is excited through excitement. Melodic music senses over the village to the mainland of Old Goa – that was once a time the hub of Portuguese Goa – also before the bang of dawn on Saturday. At midday, locals start dripping inside the village. However, by the evening time, the crowd will get flooded. An eager troop accumulates beside both side of the chief over a fare of the rural community. The rhythm is fixed through lands and lasses having “fotashes” appealing themselves in fake clashes. The merrily colored floats escorted by brightly turned out youngsters create an appealing picture.



Diwali is also an important festival that is celebrated in Goa. This is the day where people believe that God Krishna destroyed the demon called the Narkasur who was ruling the Goa, over its ‘sudarshan chakra’. And so, normally the festival will be celebrated by burning out of the images or statues of Narkasur, which is largely done at dawn. The Hindus create it a theme to light up their houses as well as to wear new clothes.

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Feast of St. Francis Xavier

Feast of St. Francis Xavier

The much-loved saint called St. Francis Xavier who passed away in the month of December 3rd. So the natives and locals of Old Goa, every year assemble and participate in this grand feast. The popular and wonderful church known to be the Basilica of Bom Jesus that still holds the body of saint conserved in the casket that is brought to the picture of the sight of people merely after 10 years, that is on the day of St. Francis Xavier feast. The saint always remains to be in the memory as well as the heart of the Goan people, so the festival is eagerly celebrated that too with great excitement and cheer.

Three Kings Feast

Three Kings Feast

The feast is celebrated where the scene of three boys of Goa will play the role of visiting the mighty Jesus. They are really taken through a small boy who plays the kettle drum. So as to meet Jesus, the rulers ride over the back of the horse and permit over the Hill of Remedios to get connected in the High Mass. At the time of the feast, people too devote the Lady of the Mount and style it the point in acquiring blessings from and to live in the lap of the goddess.

Goa Carnival

Goa carnival

The carnival is a non-stop and continuous three-day festival celebration with lots of songs, music, and color. This makes a healthy amusement for all people from young till old ages. The peaceful climate packed with the cool- ‘n’ -thriller, that is been generated by the Carnival which is much desired for. No matter that you are enjoying or seeing other people enjoyment, but for sure you will have happiness and eagerness all around the place. The carnival is celebrated in the month of February. Populaces wear wonderful costumes during the celebration of the carnival.

Momentous And Traditional Festivals Celebrated In Goa

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