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Mizoram literally means “Land of Hill People”. A state which is nestled between Indian states Tripura, Manipur and Assam and two other countries, Bangladesh and Myanmar.This 23rd state of India, which has around 91% of area covered with forests among which, 31% is covered by Bamboo forests. The state which offers 14% country’s Bamboo stock, also offers theatrical landscapes, lush green forests and hills, peaceful and serene climate which is comfortable even during summer and also offers some incredible and breathtaking beauty.

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In search of calm and peace, away from city’s hassle and bustle, many tourists have started planning their trip to this beautiful and peaceful state of India. Mizoram has abundant beauty to offer from impressive and lively festivals, variety of delicious cuisines, colorful and attractive costumes, and warm and welcoming people with full smile faces, which will soon make you fall in love with them and Mizoram.

Unlike past few years, tourism is growing rapidly in Mizoram as it has some really amazing and astonishing places to visit. So, before you plan your trip and miss some beautiful must-see places, let me take you through some of the best sites to visit on your trip.

Aizawl –The capital city of Mizoram and the most crowded district of Mizoram. Mizoram State Museum is the main and popular attraction, which gives a complete view of tradition, history and culture of Mizoram. For nature lovers, Durtlang Hills is the best and must watch place, which gives a panoramic view of the hills. Along with it is Hmuifang, the mountain with a height of 1619 m covered completely with forests.

If you’re a shopaholic or wants to buy some souvenirs, Bara Bazar is the perfect spot for you. You can also visit Reiek, Solomon’s temple and Berawtlang in Aizawl.

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Champhai – This is another main place in Mizoram. While on the trip here, you should not miss Murlen national park. If you’re tired and thirsty, you can have a glass of wine at Hnahlan and a short trip to vineyards. You can then have some time out to visit some traditional and historical villages, Chawngtlai and Zokhawthar and Mura Puk. You must visit Khawbung, a sub town in Champhai which has many interesting and attractive places to visit.

Thenzawl – It is located at the heart of Mizoram. Vantawng and Tuirihiau are two big waterfalls located nearby this place. You can also visit Vaibiak, Chawngchilhi Puk, Benkhuaia Thlan and Tualvungi Thlan places, which has witnessed some historical events.

Lunglei – It is the second largest town and has some really interesting places like Saikuti Hall, mainly famous for concerts, painting exhibitions and celebrations.To have some adventurous experience, you can also visit Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary which is situated at a height of 1300 m from ground and home for variety of wildlife species.

Apart from all the tourist spots, one more reason one should visit Mizoram is its culture and tradition. Mizos are educated and humble. Many Mizos speak English, other than Mizo. They are friendly and welcoming by nature.

Apart from Christmas, Mizos also celebrate Chapchar, Thalfavang, Mim and Pawl festivals. Almost all these festivals are related to agriculture and they celebrate it by a lot of dancing and singing.Along with the lively and colorful festivals, Mizos are always dressed beautiful and colorful. Almost like all men, Mizo men also believes in simple dressing,whereas, women have more variety and colors in their dressing.

Mizoram is rich not only with nature and landscapes but also with its culture, tradition and mainly the people living there. Visit Mizoram to enjoy this warm and unforgettable experience at least once in a lifetime.

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Mizoram – The State Of Hills

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