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There are four doctrines or traditions followed in Hinduism –  Shaivism, Vaishnavism, Sakthism and Samartism.  The followers of these different traditions accept and respect members of other sects in India.  There are different temples around the country dedicated to the mother goddess worshipped by Sakthism devotees.  One of these is Mel Maruvathur, the abode of the Mother of all Gods – Adiprasakthi.

Popularly called by the name of the location itself,  Melmaruvathur ,  Adiparasakthi Siddar Pedam is located on NH45 some 92 kms from Chennai, India. It is believed that more than 21 Siddhars (Intellectuals of the past era) of different religions, both men and women, have attained Jeeva Samadhi(salvation) in this holy place.  This is also the Location of the temple of Arulmigu Adhiparasakthi – the Divine Mother.

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At a particular point in Melmaruvathur there was a neem tree.  The sap of this tree started flowing like milk.  The people living around started taking this milk as it had a sweet taste. They thought it was a miracle or work of divine power because:

1) Neem sap is bitter and not sweet

2)It relieved them of various ailments.

In the year 1966, the Neem tree uprooted due to a cyclone, revealing a Swamyambhu (self-manifested) Lingam underneath.  People started praying at this Swayambhu.  The Human avatar of the Goddess instructed that an idol and temple be made for devotees to seek her divine Grace.

Uniqueness of Mel Maruvathur

The temple of Maruvathur is Unique in many ways.

  1. The Adi Parasakthi has incarnated herself in a human male form called Bangaru Adigalar or Amma here. His Oracles and miracles provide solutions and solace to innumerable people who come to seek his grace.  People come from as far as Australia and US to pray at the Sanctum sanatorium and to hear the Oracles of the Divine Mother.
  2. Have you heard of women worshiping the idol in the Sanctum Sanatorium? No?  Well, Mel Maruvathur temple is one temple which gives prominence to women.  They are involved in all aspects from activities to festivals here.  They are seen doing poojas and Yagas which are mostly performed by men elsewhere.  They can come inside the temple even during their menstrual periods.
  3. This temple welcomes people of all religions. There are many  Muslims and Christians devotees here who follow their faith, but also come here for blessings of Bangaru Adigalar following the Temple’s principle – One Mother, One Race.
  4. The Colour Red in form of Blood pigment is present in all human beings irrespective of their caste, religion and gender. So Red colored attires are worn by the devotees during festivals and other occasions at Melmaruvathur
  5. There are no priests in this temple. All rituals are carried out by devotees themselves, even women, as per the Oracles of Adi Parasakthi.
  6. The Om Sakthi movement in this temple follows the four ideals as directed by the Amma. They are Devotion, Charity, Service and Meditation. Service or Thondu is given more importance.  Services is in form of helping a fellow human being, cleaning the temples, volunteering in temple work and the like.  You will not find another cleaner temple, as many devotees are seen cleaning the temple premises regularly.
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Festivals at Mel Maruvathur

Some of the festivals that are celebrated with fervor in this temple are Thai Poosam Irumudi, Chitra Pournamai, Amma’s birthday, Aadi Pooram and Dushera.

Irumudi is a festival just like the one followed by Devotees of Ayappa.  Here men and women alike wear the Sakthi mala and do fasting and penance for an odd number of days.  Later they travel to Melmaruvathur to complete their period of fasting by worshiping the Swaymabu.

During Adi Pooram and all the major festivals, hordes of poor are served free food  and gruel called Kanji.  There are also many educational institutions attached to the temple which provide free education to the needy.

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Mel Maruvathur – The Abode Of Divine Mother Adiparasakthi

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