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Mayong, a cluster of villages set on the banks of the River Bramhaputra in the Morigaon District of Assam. The name Mayong is supposed to have instigated from the Sanskrit word Maya which means illusion. Thinking what is so special in Mayong? Well, this land is dreaded as the land of Black Magic and Magicians. Located at a distance of around 40 Kilometers from Guwahati, Mayong is one village which will surely amaze you. Over the years this little village has gained immense popularity for its black magic and witchcraft. So, don’t you want to know more about Mayong? The black magic capital of India. Then better read on.

Mayong, Maya, Illusion

 Mayong photoPhoto by Sarah G…

There are many stories associated with Mayong. If you ask the locals of this village, they would tell you that exactly that I mentioned earlier, that Mayong gets its name from the Sanskrit word Maya, the meaning of which is an illusion. While some people believe this strongly there are another set people believing something totally different. Yes, many people say that long time back people from the Maibong clan lived in this area, hence it got the name from them. It doesn’t end here, as it has some religious connection too, some people claim that Mayong is a part of a Goddess ‘Maa-er-ongo’, hence it is named Mayong. Interesting place with interesting stories, isn’t it?

Cultural Connotation

The cultural connotation of Mayong is linked directly to the Black Magic and Witchcraft part. If you happen to visit Mayong, you would witness some of the most rarest black magic tricks being practiced, well it definitely looks pretty unnatural but this practice is very common in the village. Well for those with weak hearts, it might be normal if you faint off seeing some of the tricks here. Some of the most common black magic tricks practiced in Mayong are:

  • Projection of future through broken piece of glass
  • Palmistry
  • Fortune telling through sea shells

The Bez or Ojaa, Aka Doctor Of Mayong

The people who practice Black Magic acts in Mayong are known as Bez or Ojaa. Well, I called them doctors as they treat people, many people also call them Tantric. People say that such people quite often have some assistants working for them, guess who they are – THE GHOSTS. Creepy isn’t it? Well I know it’s hard to believe unless you meet one such assistant.

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Black Magic For Social Welfare

The village has been practicing black magic and witchcraft from years, mostly for social welfare. In this village, people who possess the knowledge on black magic and arts use it to serve the people. Yes with their knowledge they treat diseases. Along with having fair knowledge of black magic and witchcraft these people also know a lot about the Ayurveda’s. Starting from palmistry to healing back pains, people here have the perfect resolution for all your problems.

Well many of the tricks that we hear of sound very untrue, but they actually have been proven.

Normally when we have back pain the first thing we do it apply some pain relief ointments or rush to the doctor. But people at Mayong, cure it by placing a copper plate on the back of the person and then chant some magic mantra. And guess what within minutes your back pain would vanish.

Human Sacrifices, Is It True?

Well don’t know how true it holds today, but if turn the pages to look for some history we would find that to worship or praise Shakti, the mere practice of Narabali was very common. Narabali \ Human Sacrifices were very commonly carried during the early modern period.

tantric photoPhoto by Idol

Mayong The Right Place To Learn Some Black Magic?

Yes, people from across India go to Mayong to learn black magic arts. Punjab, West Bengal, Haryana and people from many other surrounding choose Mayong to learn the art of black magic.

The Mayong Central Museum And Emporium

The Mayong Museum was inaugurated in the year 2002. This museum has several archaeological relics and artifacts. It also displays a huge collection of books on Ayurveda and black magic.

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If you get a chance of visiting this village today you would see there are ‘N’ number of people there having the ability to perform some of the most mind boggling magical tricks. Such people strongly believe that through this knowledge they can accomplish almost everything.

The Power Of Black Magic

It is also believed that if one masters all such mantras, then they would become immensely powerful. Turing a human into an animal would be totally easy for them. Think about turning a leaf into a fish or fly or even vanish off totally.

Mayong and its stories are hard to believe, guess this is one reason why we dismiss Black Magic as a mere fantasy. But if you see such things for real, you always tend to start believing in it, isn’t it? Generally, when we fall sick, we rush to the doctor for a cure, but still, there are some people who turn to these witch doctors to find the perfect cure for their troubles and miseries. And that is the reason why Mayong, The Black Magic Capital Of India is still standing strong.

The sad part is that this village in Assam has somehow failed to get the attention it actually deserves. This is mostly due to deficiency of adequate funds and opportunities. Black Magic and Witchcraft is slowly losing its charm and popularity. And if this continues, the day is not far when it might totally lose the very thing that makes it so very special. Currently, the village of Mayong still has a community of 100 odd numbers of magicians. But sadly, most of them have to work on the farms due to the scarcity of proper resources and poor economy.

Have you visited the black magic capital of India? Did you go to the Witch Doctors? Did you find any solution to your problems there? Well, There are so many questions about the Mystic Mayong isn’t it? We would like you to give some answers to us. Don’t wait, drop it as comments below.

Photo by Anders Ljungberg

Mayong Village In Assam, The Black Magic Capital Of India

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