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If you have never been to Maharashtra, then you might want to sit up and take note of another reason that increased the attraction quotient by many notches. The state has a lot to offer visitors. From the Film City to the fantastic architectural achievements, a first-time traveler will get an amazing experience here. But people who have already visited the place are making their way to this state once again. The reason for this happens to be the activation of the Matheran Toy Train.

Start of the train service

The Matheran Toy Train is not new. It dates back to the time when the residents of the nation were suffering under the British Raj. Though these foreigners oppressed Indians, they deserve the credit for the launch of things like railways and telegraph back then. The British officials required to travel to the hill enclosed Matheran. But as there were no roads in that area, they had to establish a train route. It was not possible to lay down the tracks for broad-gauge trains, so it was decided to run a narrow-gauge railroad in these hilly areas. Thus, the Matheran Toy Train began its journey.

Matheran Toy Train photo











Photo by mckaysavage

Reasons why the Matheran Toy Train was stopped

The Matheran Toy Train service was discontinued a few years after the country got independence. It was not due to the high Matheran Toy Train ticket prices. Due to the outdated break system, on which the trains operated, there were frequent reports of derailing. The steep slopes, bordering the train tracks, add to the Matheran Toy Train beauty but also make the area very dangerous. Thus, the state government and the Railway Department decided to stop the Matheran Toy Train service. They did not want to put the lives of the people in danger.

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Location of the site

The continuation of the Matheran Toy Train service was necessary as there is no alternative way to reach the hilly area. The Matheran Toy Train runs between the Aman Lodge and the primary station Matheran. The terrain is very rugged and is not appropriate for cars. If you desire to see this place then, you need to reach the hilltop on foot or rent a horse that will carry you to the beautiful spot. This toy train was useful in lessening the travel time and made the journey comfortable. So, when the train stopped, people were disappointed. The Matheran Toy Train beauty was another aspect that the missed.

Re-launch of the service

Repeated requests finally paid off when the state government, along with the railway department decided to activate the old route. It was announced that a new halt station would be added so that people can explore the surrounding natural beauty. A minor alteration has been done in the permit fee chart. The new Matheran Toy Train ticket prices have been raised. Passengers of the first class will have to shell out Rs. 300 for getting a seat, while second class travelers can get a ticket for Rs. 45 only.

Matheran Toy Train photo










Photo by solarisgirl

Revamping the old train

The railway department has replaced the former parts of the train to enhance safety. New state of the art breaks was installed in the Matheran Toy Train. These will stop the train from derailing and will assist in stopping the train promptly. Though the mechanism of this train is new, the state decided to keep the interiors unchanged.  It will give people a colonial feel when they board this train and make their way to the hilltop through the lush bushes.

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Featured Photo bysolarisgirl

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