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The mesmeric snow-dressed mountains, the buoyant apple orchards, the picturesque topography all around make the Shimla region of Himachal Pradesh a much pre-eminent tourist spot. Quite naturally, being a popular holiday destination, during the peak seasons, Shimla becomes a way too ‘crowdy’ and ‘loudy’ for cherishing the repose of mother nature. If as a vacationer you too are hindering over this aspect prior to planning your Shimla voyage, then be acknowledged with a very enticing fact. For averting the ‘noisiness’ of Shimla and yet still sensing the natural bliss and beauty exclusive to it, you can alter your travel route a little and come to the engaging town-let of Mashobra.

Positioned at an enthralling elevation of 7700 feet, this tiny but titillating site is the impeccable answer to your pursuit for cosmic tranquillity. Popular among travellers as the ‘Quieter Shimla’, Mashobra is the apt ambience to get close to the sublime and scenic botanical décor and realize to perfection what level of mental re-vivification the beguile and calmness nature can fetch.

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Get a peep into the crux of Mashobra

Pre-dominantly famous for its picture-perfect sceneries and enriched world of the flora and fauna, Mashobra is the fine place for self refinement. Before calculating the mashobra to shimla distance, be acknowledged about some of the have-to-pursue sites of the angelic domain:

  • The cardinal venue which attracts the largest proportion of vacationer mass is the exquisite Italian Villa of name Craignano. A possession of the Italian baker Chevalier Peliti, the house is the real pride of European legacy. Sequenced with Mashobra’s altitude, it stands prevailingly at the level of 7700 feet and is a real structural excellence to witness. Crafted completely from wood, this mansion is graced by the refreshing water springs and the grave pine and oak tress around the totality of its cliff-up outline. The thriving green lawns, the distinguished stone benches and the cultivated night lamps—all give the feel of the by-gone days of the British period.
  • Second comes the overwhelming Reserved Forest Sanctuary of Mashroba which is a prized locus of not only Himachal Pradesh, but of whole India. Distanced from 4 kms from the nuclei of the city, it is one of the most rich treasuries of plants and animals that are otherwise not very common to spot. The harvest of pines, oaks, maple tress, rhododendrons, cedars, wild flowers and horse chestnuts on one hand and the inhabitancy of leopards, barking deer, Himalayan eagle on the other makes this biological haven a life-time exploration. In here you also get to behold the biggest Asian watershed. For accenting this forest tour along with the expedition of rest of Mashroba, pick the phase in between April to June. It is the befitted time to interact with the especial residents of the Sanctuary.
  • Elect the month of May if you wish to get a vibe of the Mashobra-an customs. Annually, on the third Tuesday of this month, the religious fete of Mahasu Jatara gets held at the vicinity of the venerable Durga Devi shrine of Mashroba. Dedicated to the divine ceremony of Lord Mahasu’s (local avatar of God Shiva) idol shift, this is a sacredly elated 2-day celebration of divinity enhanced with fairs, and traditional musical and dance feats. In the context, the Mahasu Devta chapel, a temple of Lord Shiva is a mentionable domain to pay homage at.
  • Strolling by the fringes of the Craignano mansion, you will further get to discern the tallest water-lift of the world, oriented at a level 7657 ft. A brain-child of the British government, this reserve now supplies water to the whole of Shimla and its adjacent localities.
  • A former abode of Lord Ripon and now a deluxe resort under the Oberoi Group, the Wild Flower Hall Hotel is another decorous quick view spot.
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Mashobra photoPhoto by Yogue_style

A jovial spotlight over the things to do in mashroba

Assuredly you know that in addition to the planned-out sight seeing if you want delve into some extra-curricular activities of a holiday locale, then the best cue is to interact and be enlightened about the particulars from the local guides and hotel staffs. But still, will it not be gladdening-ly prudent to have a notion of the things to do in mashroba? Get a quick look below to be informed about the sprightliest things to do in mashroba:

  • The breath-stopping but highly hypnotic biking endeavor along the Barmain- Basantpur route close to Mashobra
  • The laborious but mind-captivating trek to the Shali Tibba, an elevated spot at the meter of 9,423 ft, or the trekking through the trail of Fagu>Chharabra village by the Tattapani river
  • Heart-overwhelming option of paragliding at the Mashobra valley; it is the best in India
  • Daring but highly delightful ventures of river rafting and quad biking at the Tattapani tributary;
  • Impeccable feel of gliding through the snow by availing the opportunity of snow skiing; since Mashobra remains snow-clad all through out the winter, it is a paradise for both the professional skiers and amateur enthusiasts.

If you effectuate at least one of these spruce things to do in mashroba, it seasons up your holiday time.

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A notion about mashobra camp

Give your mind a further dose of pleasure by being acknowledged that most of the reputed travel agencies include in their Masobra visit package, the option of mashobra camp—a flawless facility to smell in the rustic aroma by dwelling at its cradle. The exuberant opportunity of bonfire, night-time nature strolls, barbecue food—you enjoy all by availing the mashobra camp scheme. Added to these , the very virtuous chance of Bird watching at the Reserve Forest is also encompassed within the mashobra camp closet. Reap the advantage communicate with the chirping mates like partridges, chikors, Himalayan eagle and pheasants.

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The mashobra to shimla distance sprawls over the legendary Hindustan-Tibet road. A trivial expanse of 12.7 km makes up for this mashobra to shimla distance when you venture out from the town-let towards the Shimla airport. By car you can cover the mashobra to shimla distance in a rapid phase of 30-40 minutes.

Come out from your deadline-weaved lifestyle and get infused into the beatitude of nature at Mashobra. After a 2-3 days stretch, get back home as a rejuvenated self.

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Mashobra: Spend A Perfect Weekend In The Forests

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