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Maratha Mandir Mumbai A Perfect Spot For Movie Fascinators

Maratha Mandir, right before SRK’s DDLJ was launched, was a mere cinema hall like any other theatre that garnered enough popularity. But what has brought its iconic presence is still in the news. Its own world charm captured everyone’s mind right when the theatre carried forward the screening of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge for over two decades. Anyone residing in Mumbai must have known a person who had already spent his times enjoying the movie in an in air-conditioned comfort and munching popcorn. After the prominence garnered by Maratha Mandir Mumbai, the spot has become fascinating for movie enthusiasts. To know everything about the theatre, in brief, keep reading on.

An Introduction to the Significance of Maratha Mandir

Open on October 16, 1958, with a total of 1000 seats, the Maratha Mandir Mumbai created a significant record after screening DDLJ. And since its release in 1995, Maratha Mandir DDLJ record margined to a total of 1009 weeks of screening this movie. Although the film kept running in this theatre for quite a long time, it absolutely doesn’t get monotonous. The theatre is 2-minute walking distance away from the Mumbai Central railway station. Owing to its longstanding reputation, it has been touted as one of the fan-favorite landmarks in Mumbai. Concerning the Bollywood box office, this theatre happens to be the most familiar and valued movie hall.

The Prominence of Maratha Mandir

Unlike the past days, the Maratha Mandir Mumbai seems deserted recently. And, there are just a couple of college students who visit the theatre upon skipping classes. One can get a peculiar smell while entering the premise. However, it would be hard to judge the smell. You might find it freshly-spread varnish present over wooden panels covering the interiors. Alternatively, you might think that a cleaning agent has used the smell in every corner owing to the refreshingly clean environment with outmoded glass chandeliers.

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The movie theatre has seen all the biggest of superstars and the seasons of Bollywood movies. It’s such a single screen theatre which stands tall irrespective of the fame. And most importantly, its pride is its intact. Manoj Desai, the executive director of Maratha Mandir has shared some of his thoughts. He states that the theatre witnessed prominent significance with the screening of Sholay, Mother India, Coolie no. 1, Khuda Gawah, and more. In fact, Dilip Sahab and Madhubala also arrived in the theatre upon the release of Mughal-E-Azam. Desai happens to be an encyclopedia of the filmy facts and is one of the primary people to handle complicated situations in the theatre.

The Love for DDLJ

The Maratha Mandir DDLJ record is high because it’s synonymous with two decades screening of DDLJ. Over 22 years, the single screen has just cancelled DDLJ’s show off once. The co-workers also state that the rising fame of DDLJ in Maratha Mandir is due to the film itself. It’s the perfect motion picture to enjoy with parent, children, beloved ones, and friends. It happens to be a fantastic movie that comes with excellent songs. Jagjivan Maru, showing the starrers ever since its release, states that it is the privilege to work with Maratha Mandir. Wondering about how to reach Maratha Mandir or Maratha Mandir address? As discussed above, when you have any question related to how to reach Maratha Mandir, it’s just 2 minutes away from Mumbai Central railway station.

A Visit to Maratha Mandir

In case you wish to pay a visit to Maratha Mandir Mumbai or wondering about Maratha Mandir address, then you might encounter some great places. A tour of this theatre would help you get a glimpse of Sai Baba idol right at the theatre’s entrance. The, you would be taken to the movie hall where you can enjoy watching the movie and have popcorn.

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So far, Maratha Mandir Mumbai has survived with pride sans a single issue related to woman complaints. According to what the people of the theatre have stated, it’s a theatre where people return only to pay their next visit.

Featured Photo of “DDLJ” by Kandukuru Nagarjun under CC BY 2.0

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