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The name of Marari beach is little-known to the people of India. This beach destination is not far from Kerala’s Alleppey. This beach is a must place of the visit during one’s vacationing in the Southern part of the Indian sub-continent, especially, the backwaters of Kerala. The Marari beach is extremely quiet and serene. Since only a few people have the fair amount of information about this beautiful sport, only a few beach bums get to explore this side of the Malabar Coast. One can easily consider it as a secret destination. The very name Marari comes from the name Mararikulam, which means a sleepy village of fisherman. As mentioned earlier, this scenic beach is situated at the northern part of Alleppey, just sixty kilometers or thirty-seven miles away from the city of Kochi.
How you can reach the place

The major railway station of Mararikulam village is Alleppey, at the time distance of thirty minutes. You can get hold of an automated rickshaw in exchange of a whooping two hundred or three hundred rupees to reach the spot. The nearest airport is the Kochi airport. You can also hire a taxi, but it is important to know that till now, the place has got no service of the air-conditioned cabs. The taxi fare reaches up to fifteen hundred rupees. The traveling time is taken to reach by cab, here also, is thirty minutes.


Photo by nborun

The climate and the weather of Marari Beach

The weather condition of Mararikulam Beach is humid and warm in throughout all days of the year. A heavy downpour at this place is brought upon by both the Northwestern as well as the Southwestern monsoons. One can experience the heavy amount of rainfall at the Marari beach in between the months of June and July and also in the months between October and December. You may scratch your head relentlessly in the pursuit of the most favorable time to visit the place. The time from the latter December to March is considered to be the most favorable phase of visiting the Marari beach to witness its unparalleled beauty. During the other months, that is, from the inception of March to the end of May, this places experiences scorchingly heated weather condition because of the obvious phenomenon of the accumulation of humidity in the air. At that, the temperature of the place rises up to thirty-six degrees Celsius or ninety-seven degrees Fahrenheit.

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Things to do at Marari Beach

Marari, as a tourist destination, is ideal for the holiday mongers who are always in the constant pursuit of traveling to someplace else, away from the city hustle, the traffic bustle and the daily stress of the professional life. Marari beach is the exact place for those travelers which offers them tranquility and peace in the form of its natural serenity and beauty. You can easily get the feeling of spending your holidays at a deserted beach with no one to interfere in your solitude. During your holiday trip, you can also explore the other boons of Mother Nature in the forms of backwater canals of Kerala, units of coir making and also the famous Kumarakom Sanctuary for birds. If you hit the place during the month of August, then you can even witness Kerala’s globally popular races of Snake boats.


Photo by Andy Kaye

Where to get accommodation

The places for accommodation at the beautiful Marari beach comprises mainly of homestays, resorts, and few hotels. It will elate you to know that all of the accommodations here are all sea-facing. So, no matter what you do or think, you will always be accompanied by the might Arabian Sea waters by your side. For the eco-friendly green lovers, Marari beach tourism has taken up steps to reduce the pollution of this place. Since the footfall at this place is very low, it is evident that the litters created by the humans are low. The beach is free of any unwanted or undesired interference of pollutants like plastics, foils, and leftover, etc. The resorts of Marari Beach have been inspired by the very theme of the life of the fishermen and fishing villages. You will surely have your heart captured by the scenic Marari beach at the end of your holiday. The majority of the accommodations comprise of several ponds which harbor the growth of Lotuses. Since it’s Kerala, you can also get to use or consume a lot of coconut during your stay there. Another essential service these accommodations offer is the Kerala Ayurveda sessions and also the yoga classes. The rooms at these health resorts can cost up to ten thousand rupees on the per night basis. The Marari Beach Symphony comprises of four cottages by the shore of the sea. Staying there can cost you up to twelve thousand rupees by per night. You can also seek the Marari Villas to stay there, at the same price range.  Another alternative option is to stay at the villas of the Marari sea lap. The villas are extremely friendly, luxurious and comfortable. The Marari Dreamz, which is a traditional resort with the indigenous themes of Kerala, can offer you rooms at the cost of four thousand rupees by per night accommodation.

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Once you can hit the beach of Marari, you will be astonished to witness the sight of how the local families of fishermen, even after passing many generations, have been able to keep their culture and way of life intact, without the unwanted intervention of the modern amenities. Their life is extremely harmonious, as if, they have derived the inspiration from the Marari beach itself. At the very time, you set your foot at the shoe of the Marari beach; you will be able to echoes of the coastal culture of Malabar along with the cacophony of the sea’s wave calls.

Featured Photo by Andy Kaye

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