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Manipur – Jewel of India

Manipur, located in North- East, is a Paradise on Earth. Nagaland is situated in the northern part of the state and Mizoram in the southern part. The capital of Manipur is Imphal and is mostly recognized as a tourist place in north-east India.

Manipur has people from different cultures such as Kuki, Naga, Pangal and Mizo. It is commonly known as “the jewel of India”, as it is endowed with natural beauty. There are nine districts in Manipur which include Bishnupur, Imphal-East, Chandel, Churachandpur, , Imphal-West, Senapati, Thoubal, Tamenglong, and Ukhrul.

Manipur is home to various forests and national parks such as Keibul Lamjao NP and Shirui NP. Manipur history reflects the rich and ancient history, ruled by hundreds of kings over the years. The region was not just ruled by different kings in different times, it was known by various names such as Sanna Leipak, Tilli Koktong, Poirei Lam,Mitei Lipak and Meitrabak. Manipur has also witnessed numerous fights during the War. Manipur came under British power in 1891 when they finally defeated the Burmese. The Indian National Army was taken care by the great Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose who marched in Imphal before they were finally defeated. Manipur was merged with India on 21st September 1949. According to the agreement in the interest of both the state and the Indian governance, Manipur would be looked after by the Dominion Government. From 15th October 1949, an agreement which was made between Maharajah Bodhchandra Singh and the then formed Congress government of India came into action.

Eromba is a special fish delicacy of Manipur. There are other delicacies of Manipur as well such as vegetables and bamboo shoots. Manipuri cuisines are very much tasty and healthy. Most of the cuisines don’t contain oil and are much healthy. There are numerous dishes of Manipur which use pepper rather than garam masalas, which is a healthier option. Singju is also one of the foods of Manipur. It is basically salad prepared from banana flower, finely chopped banana stem, lotus stem, cabbage, ginger, tree beans and other herbs. Some of the other dishes of Manipur includes kang-ngou, nganam, nga-thongba, ooti, pakoura thongba, chagem pomba and alu kinglet. See Also: Indian Food

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There are various sports of Manipur such as Mukna, Mukna Kangjei, Polo, Oolaobi, Hiyang Tannaba and Arambai Hunba. Mukna is a popular form of wrestling which is always controlled and organized by Pana Loisang of the state and many other village organizations. Mukna Kangjei is a game which combines the arts of Mukna and Kangjei and organized in different villages of Manipur. Polo was introduced in Manipur by Nongda Lairen Pakhangba in 33 AD. Bir Tikendraji is one of the most popular and renowned player of Polo in Manipur. There is also a traditional game played using coconut in Manipur which is Yubi Lakpi. This game basically means coconut snatching. Oolaobi is the game which is mostly played by the females. An Indoor game, Kang which is played by both the males and females of Manipur.

Some of the prominent tourist attractions of Manipur are Keibul Lamjao National Park, Langthabal, Kaina, Shree Govindajee Temple, Khwairamband Baza and Loktak Lake. See Also: Attractions in India

There are various festivals of Manipur such as Yaoshang. Kut is a festival of Kuzi Chin Mizo tribes of Manipur. Some of the other festivals of Manipur are Gang- Ngai-Festival of Kabui Nagas, Cheiraoba, Kang, Heikru Hitongba, Ningol Chak Kouba and Chumpha. All of these festivals are celebrated by numerous people of Manipur. See Also: Festivals of India

The people of Manipur are very generous and believe in helping all the tourists. They not only help the tourists but celebrate their festivals with them. People of Manipur believe in living their lives with simplicity. It is also one of the most visited tourist places in the last decade. Many people wish to visit there because of natural beauty and relaxing themselves from their busy city life. Living at a place like Manipur is really a blessing which is why people prefer to spend some more time at this beautiful place.

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Featured Photo by Nick Irvine-Fortescue

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