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Mangueshi Temple In Goa Is That Travel Spot You Cannot Miss

Traveling to any place can help you get motivated as it includes a lot of fun. Goa has always been a place of sightseeing. A whopping percentage of tourists plan a trip to Goa to leave their hectic life behind for a few days. Even foreigners are attracted to the place. This place is prominent not only because of its tasty cuisine, beautiful beaches or variety of people but also for its culture and tradition. Regardless of where you live, traveling to Goa will always an intriguing affair.  Visiting a place doesn’t mean that it can’t be visited again; rather you can visit it as many times you desire. Planning for a trip to Goa? Then you should know more about the sightseeing spots out there. One of the places to visit in Goa is Ponda Taluk. But what makes this place a must-visit one is it being the home to the Mangueshi Temple. This temple is located at the North West side of this village. As the Mangueshi temple timings are convenient, you can visit anytime from morning till the evening! But before that, here’s presenting an introduction to this Goan temple.

An introduction to Mangueshi Temple

The Mangueshi Temple directions are easily available on the Internet. But a visit to the temple would not be enough if you don’t have a fair idea about its history. Mangueshi Temple happens to be a Hindu Shrine. It is believed that it was founded in the year 1560 and had been standing strong since then. While the temple had just been rejuvenated twice, it included the great works of art and culture. In the year 1560, the invaders soon tried converting the local people to Christianity. At that point in time, the Kaundinya Gotra’s Saraswats along with Vatsa Gotra moved Mangesh Linga from the original site to where it presently belongs to in Mangesh. The current location is situated in the Priol village. The legend of Mangueshi Temple has it that the time when it was relocated, the ruler was Sonde of Antruz Mahal.

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Mangueshi Temple in Goa is That Travel Spot You Cannot Miss: Read on
Photo of ‘Mangueshi temple’ by Frederick Noronha [email protected] under CC BY-SA 2.0

According to the verdicts of the legend of Mangueshi Temple, it is just a kilometer away from Nardol which makes it a must visit for the people who went there for a vacation. The shrine has the deity of Shiva, Parvati and Ganesha; Shiva being the most important one. The rituals held at that place include the Rama Navami, Akshay Tritiya, Navaratri, Dussehra and Diwali. Hotels are readily available at that place with a much cheaper rate than the main cities. Other than the temple the tourist can also go for sightseeing around the village to breathe in the fresh village air.

About the town

Anyone attempting to pay a visit to this place would get a great view of the town! As the Mangueshi temple timings are convenient, you can visit anytime from morning till the evening! The village where the temple is located is one of the most ancient places in the state. And this indeed makes it prominent as one of the richest Goan place with great cultural significance. The village is quite and people live in peace here. There is no political disturbance; hence the place can be reached either by train or airplane seamlessly! There would be no problem to get Mangueshi Temple directions! Mangueshi Temple happens to be centuries old and is a place of attraction for the people traveling to Goa. A visit to this place would just refresh your mind!

Now that you know everything about the place, the thing that you can keep in mind is to visit this place. As you already got a fair idea about the temple and its surroundings, a visit to Mangueshi Temple would be an excellent decision!

Featured Photo of ‘Shri Mangeshi Temple – Ponda Taluk – Goa’ by Arun Prabhu under CC BY-ND 2.0

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