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Mango is the King of fruits. No doubt about it!  Loved by one and all, it is also part of our cultural traditions. Mangoes are available only in a particular season and every Indian has at least one mango during the season. We Indians love festivals. So,

Here are a few Mango festivals held around our country….


Mango Festivals In India


International Mango Festival, New Delhi

The International Delhi Mango Festival has been organized by Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC) every since 1988. It has become an important cultural annual event for Delhites, who attend in large numbers every year.  The festival also attracts visitors from outside the country.

Mango festivals photo

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The event has changed venues many a time, but the last three consecutive years it has been held at Dilli Haat, Janakpuri.  There are 500+ varieties of mangoes on display during this festival.  Also, renowned and experienced chefs from five-star hotels such as Taj Mahal Palace, Marriott India, Qutub Hotel and  Maurya Sheraton prepare different and unique recipes using the exceptional mangoes during these festivals.

This year, the 30th Mango Festival was held from 6th to 9th July 2018.

Growers from Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana displayed Hybrid, organic and traditional Mangoes grown in their farms.

More than 550 varieties of mangoes, smaller than marbles and heavier than 1600 kilos were on display.  Mallika, Alphonso, Himsagar, Gelchia, Balia, Fazia, Fazri, Rataul, Dhoon, Ramkela, Kesar,   Langra, Rataul, Amarapali, Nigarin Kheria, Dhaan, Chorasya, Malda, Hussainara, Shamasi, and Ruchika were some of the varieties fighting for viewers attention.

The Entrance to this festival hall had trees filled with huge artificial mangoes attracting selfie-clickers and children.  Some of the highlights of this festival were:

  • Competitions were held for mango eating for elders, quiz and slogan writing for children
  • Mango carving competitions
  • Mango judging competitions were held in various categories including the biggest size Mango competition
  • Products on display also included Mango pickles, canned mangoes, mango juice and Jams
  • There was a band performance and a Stand-up comedy performance
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All in all a unique experience, crowds thronged the venue and received their share of experience, taste, and satisfaction.


UP Mango Festival

UP Mango Festivals have also become a yearly affair held during weekends of June.   The festival, held in Lucknow, entered its sixth edition this year, supported by the Government of Uttar Pradesh.  This Mango festival is celebrated to bring small farmers, women in agriculture and regional mangoes of UP and nearby areas in limelight.

Mango festivals photo

Photo by corsi photo

The highlight of the festival included

  • Orchard visit
  • Activities like Pottery making, horse ride, bullock cart ride, games like kite flying, three-legged race, tug of war, ghazal concerts, tasting, storytelling, book reading, cooking.
  • Mango Mela
  • Food festival called Dastarkhwan-e-aam has Mango Dishes like Tunday Kababi Roll, Bajpayi Kachodi Chaat Rewdi, Aam ki Chatini, Aam ka Panna,  and  Waahid Biryani
  • Stalls of Home cooks are also on display. Try out their home pickles and Mango face packs.
  • A Farmer’s market
  • Display of rare and finest mango species like Ali Gauhar, Tamancha, Gola, Surkha, Khusboo Gola, Sindhuria, Lalbebaha and Tarifi.
  • UP special mangoes like Amrapalli, Dussehri, Langada Chaunsa and


Mango Festival, Goa

Coming south, Goa is another place where a Mango festival is held to revere the King of sweets. Goan Mango festival is organized by the Agricultural Directorate and is held along with the Konkan fruit festival.

mango photo

Photo by ramnath bhat

Here the local Mancurado is a big favorite among the locals and is considered richer and tastier than the Alphonso variety.

The highlights of this festival are:

  • Tasting and sampling seasons of locally grown mangoes
  • Stalls with Mango recipes like soups, soufflés, pudding cakes, juices, syrups, and delicacies made by the locals
  • Mango eating contests
  • Children’s activities.
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Sadly, all the Mango Festivals have completed their run this year.  But, do not worry! Just mark the dates and schedules in your diary so that you do will be at the correct time and at the correct venue for these three festivals the next mango season.

Photo by ramnath bhat

Mango Festivals In India

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