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9034640655 25e7f18a8d Mandarmani

Mandarmani is a beach-side resort in the state of West Bengal, India. This place seems like an oasis of serenity where people can enjoy the quietness of the deep waves rolling in on the sea bed. Tourists come to visit this place with the hope of experiencing peace while walking along the coastline during the sunrise or sunset.

The loveliness of this beach village can drive anyone crazy! To make the tour memorable, tourists can arrange fun activities such as beach cricket, volleyball, swimming, surfing, or manage boat cruises to capture some evergreen moments while floating on the sea. Some of the popular tourist spots of Mandarmani are-

The Mandarmani Beach

Mandarmani beach is considered as one of the safest of its kind across India. Located near Kolkata, West Bengal, the Mandarmani beach is a great place for tourists coming from different parts of the world. The water of this beach is clean & free from bad smell. A walk along the coast is so peaceful that you could get lost within the divinity of the surroundings.

There are lots of hotels lined up along the beach to provide the tourists a convenient lodging facility. So, foreigners find it very suitable to stay at the beach resort and enjoy the night view from their hotel room.

Mandarmani is a perfect choice for the adventure lovers since it incorporates some really adventures activities for its visitors. Newly married couple finds this place very romantic due to the picturesque beauty of the beach. It offers you a pleasant vacation and let you enjoy the serenity of the atmosphere.

Digha beach

Digha was explored in the late 18th century in the southern part of Kolkata. It’s the most popular tourist spot and sea beach within West Bengal. Warren Hastings named it ‘Brighton of the East’ due to being allured by the majestic view of this beach. It incorporates a shallow sand beach which is the safest for swimming. The waves are gentle and 7 kilometers in length.

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digha beach photo

Photo by Subharnab

The scenic beauty of the beach is magnetizing at times. You just have to fall in its trap due to the captivating nature of the sea. The beach starts one mile away from seaboard. There you will find lined-up casuarinas plantations along the coast that daintiness to this place. Apart from the beautification, these plants also protect the banks from erosion.

The Delta

Delta or also called ‘Mohana’ is located at the edge of the beach, 6 kilometers away from the central maritime town. It’s also an enthralling tourist spot best for sightseeing, experiencing the lift of fishermen by visiting their residents near the Mohana. Jhau trees grow densely in this area which also gives a spectacular view of this place.

Fishermen spread their fishing net to catch fishes or crabs. Crabs are the main attraction for the tourists- there’s hardly anyone who came here but left this place without tasting the crab.

Climate of Mandarmani

The weather of Mandarmani is exhausting during the Summer (March-May) since the temperature ranges between 22o to 36o in the day time. Travelers might get tired after exploring few places due to the heat of the summer sun.

Frequent rainfall occurs during the monsoon (June-September) which turns this place into something amazing. It’s the best time to visit Mandarmani since the weather is the most pleasant this time.

The weather is very comfortable in the Winter (December-February) thus making it a perfect time to visit this place. The temperature falls down to 10o during this season. Tourists can explore places, trek around the beach resorts and enjoy their time to the fullest.

Since Mandarmani is full with some very popular beaches, it should be one of the most sought after location for the water sports and adventure lovers. You can also attend festivals held at the beach resort to gather some amazing memories.

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