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Not everyone might have heard about the amazing city located in Rajasthan – Bhilwara. Also known as the textile metropolis of our country, Bhilwara is also the most renowned and industrialized cities of Rajasthan. The city is not only famous for the textiles but is also home to a number of magnificent forts like Mandalgarh Fort.

Mandalgarh Fort is known for its sheer elegance and well built artifacts. The fort also has a historic connect with the city and this is what makes it a must visit spot if you are in Rajasthan. This fort is also known to be the 3rd fort used for defense by Mewar, with Chittoragarh and Kumbhalgarh being the other two. This fort was then established by none other than Rana Kumbha

Mandalgarh Fort is no ordinary fort. It is more than 1 km in its length and is 1850 feet tall (above the sea level). The fort is surrounded by a low wall and also has a fortress that surrounds the mountain on which the fort is located. Due to this, the fort was much protected and thus was the most preferred when compared to the other forts of this region. As per the historical records, the fort was constructed more than 2100 years ago. There are also a number of temples, one can visit in this region. The fort till date looks stunning and provides a breathtaking view, especially during the spring season.

The Mandalgarh Fort is located at about 52 kms from the Bhilwara city in Rajasthan. One can easily reach this fort when they take a diversion near Menal and Bijolia. One of the famous temples located at Mandalgarh Fort is called as the Jaleshwar. The fort also has a Shiva Temple and many other divine historic temples inside.


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As per a number of historians, Bhilwara and its surrounding places have seen a number of ferocious wars during the medieval periods and the Mandalgarh Fort did play a prominent role in it. It is said that the city was then conquered by Mahmud Khil ji from Malwa and this happened twice during the 15th century AD. From that time, this city was under the Ranas of the Mewar and later was ruled by the Moghul kings. It was in 1650 AD that the famous Mughal ruler Shah Jahan gifted this city to the Raja Roop Singh who belonged to Kishangarh. This was when a fort was established here. This city was later conquered again by Rana Raj Singh during 1600 AD and was conquered by Rana Amar Singh during 1706 AD. Since then, the city and the fort were under the ownership of the heirs of Rana Amar Singh. It is also said that the Mandalgarh Fort has a very old temple of Lord Shiva that was built during 1700 AD.

If you have reached Bhilwara, you can reach Mandalgarh Fort via air, road and rail.

By Air: The nearest airport to Mandalgarh Fort is located in Udaipur and is known as the Dabok airport. This airport is located at a distance of 160 km from the city of Bhilwara. The other airport close to Mandalgarh fort is the Jaipur airport, which is located at a distance of 180 from Bhilwara.

By Road: Mandalgarh Fort is located very close to the national highway that connects Udaipur and Jaipur. This is one of the reasons why one can reach Mandalgarh fort from almost every major destination in Rajasthan.

By Rail: One can travel to Bhilwara district by taking the railway line that connects Ajmer and Khandwa. Another train that one can take is the one that travels from Kota to Chittoragarh as it passes via Bhilwara and halts at Mandalgarh.

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Now that you know how famous and magnificent Mandalgarh Fort is, it is time you visit this city and learn more about its history and culture.

Mandalgarh Fort – The Magnificent Fort In Bhilwara

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