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Those of us who prefer to visit sea beaches more than mountains, Manapad beach might be the next destination to spend the holidays. Manapad beach is the beach associated with the village Manapad, which lies about 58 km from Tuticorin district of Tamil Nadu. In earlier times, Manapad beach used to be a well-known location used mainly by traders.

The beach is not only a great place to enjoy the sea and the views but also has a very interesting history associated with it.

There are quite a number of churches around this beach. Very clean and unpopulated, this peaceful place might be what we all need to relax and unwind. The main attraction near the beach is the church of the Holy Cross and there is a nice story associated with its establishment. It all began in 1540 when a Portuguese trade ship encountered a sea storm on her way to the East. The raging storm split the sails and damaged the hind mast of the ship. The captain of the ship entrusted the ship and the passenger’s safety on Lord Christ. He made a promise that if they reach any shore, they will make a cross out of the splintered mast and plant it on that land. They survived and reached the beach of Manapad.

A villager of Manapad cleansed some dirt from his foot on the log(the broken mast of the ship) meant to be made into the cross. He immediately experienced swelling of foot and pain. At night he had a vision which revealed that he should not have stepped onto the sacred log. If he wipes the filth he smeared on the log and applies oil on it and then put the same oil on his swollen foot, he will be cured. He did as instructed and was miraculously healed.
The cross was then placed on a hilltop and a small chapel was built.

In 1581 the church of Holy Cross was built and many miraculous stories associated with it and Saint Francis Xavier spread across the whole Coromandel region.

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The beautiful white build which contains a fragment of the True Cross brought from Jerusalem, the Holy Church is a must visit place around Manapad beach.

Other nearby attractions include St. James church, St. Francis Xavier’s Grotto, Church of the Holy Ghost. You may also enjoy surfing and Dolphin watching at this beach.

Best time to visit:

Summers can be very hot in this region, so other than that any other time of the year is fine for a visit to this location.

How to reach:

Manapad beach can be reached by car or via roadways from main cities across Tamil Nadu with ease. It is approximately an hour drive (53 km) from Tuticorin. Few hotels and resorts are also present in Manapad.

Featured Photo by Jram23

Manapad Beach- A Great Surfing Site

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