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Manali As An Adventure Sports Destination

Manali is an extremely bright hill station bordered by the northern Himalayas that has the superb atmosphere, dense forests, snowy mountains, warm springs, rocky terrains, and substantially more. All these make a remarkable passion for the sightseers to visit this place from all over the world.

For adventure enthusiasts, Manali hill station provides various opportunities. The lovely green valley of Manali calls for the explorers for different types of adventure games, families to feel the cool mountain air, and the drifters to hang out in the exhaustive town.

Adventure has always been a desire of human limitation in which he/she challenges himself and puts his/her guts and caliber to test. Manali’s adventure activities fall under the top list while talking about the adventure destination in India and no other place comes in parallel to Manali.

Manali offers a wide range of adventure sports to its visitors. Trekking is one of the popular and best things to enjoy in Manali. In fact this place is considered as a major hub for the trekkers. Numerous treks are being offered by the valleys of Manali like Spiti, Lahaul, Kinnaur etc that are filled with low scrub land and Himalayan forests. Apart from trekking it also offers other adventure sports like Powder skiing, white water river rafting at the high altitudes of the Manali region. Jeep safari, mountain climbing, mountain biking across the rough and rocky terrains are other thrilling examples.

How To Reach

Manali can be reached by various modes of transportation. Travelling by bus is considered as the best option to reach Manali. Regular private and state owned buses are plying from various local and neighboring cities to the destination city. It is both a convenient and cheap option for all the travelers. Also, taxi and car options are also available to reach Manali. In addition to that, rail facilities are also available to reach Manali from major cities. Regular trains are available from Pathankot, Ambala, Chandigarh, etc. Jogindernagar is the nearest railway station in Manali. Also, there is an airport in Kullu which is 14 km away from Manali. Regular flights options are available from various cities.

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Accommodation Facilities

Manali offers a wide range of accommodation facility to its visitors because this city is considered as a major holiday destination for North India and also from all the parts of the world. Manali provides all types of accommodation options like simple and basic stay, medium range guest house and luxurious hotels and resorts. An option of Camping is also provided on the beautiful grounds of Manali region.

Manali As An Adventure Sports Destination

Some of the best adventure sports are mentioned below.

manali photo
Up Above! by Koshyk under CC BY 2.0

1. Trekking

The town of Manali is famous for trekking. June- October is considered as the best season for trekking because the chance of snowfall is very minimum. While trekking, the trekkers can witness the beauty and charm of Manali. The best routes for trekking are Hampta Pass, Bara Bangal Trek, Parangla Trek, Shri Parvati Trek, Lamaruyu Alchi, Chandrakhani Pass, Brighu Lake Trek, Beas Kund Trek etc. While trekking, few things should be kept in mind. It is advisable to carry your own equipment like a water bottle, backpack, first aid kit, torch lights etc. Also, it is advisable to wear warm clothes and comfortable trekking shoes to enjoy the trekking experience to its fullest.

2. Paragliding 

In Manali, paragliding is considered as the most popular and interesting adventure activity. Paragliding happens in locations like Fatru mountain, Gulaba Mountain, and Salong Valley. This activity does not happen in months of December to March due to heavy snowfall. This takes place from May and continues through October or November. As paragliding is risky so it is advisable to contact a known and popular operator. It is a mix game of Hang Skimming and Parachuting in which the para-gliders are taken down the slope and takes off. Paragliding provides the perfect view of the snow clad mountains and the green forests.

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3. Skiing

Manali provides the perfect opportunity to try out the adventurous sports called skiing. Skiing is best enjoyed in the months of January and February when there is heavy rainfall. Skiing is best enjoyed in the region of Dhundi, Gulaba, Marhi, Rohtang and Solang Valley. It is always advisable to take help from the professional to enjoy this ride. Manali is an excellent valley which provides perfect view of the snow topped mountains and winding stream while enjoying the adventure sport.

4. Zorbing

Zorbing is also known as globe riding which helps to experience the beauty of Manali from all the angles. This sports will provide a view of world turned upside down. In this the participant is encased in a transparent plastic rolling ball and roll down hill a valley. Zorbing is mostly done in the Solang Valley. Zorbing is best tried from January to May and then from October to December.

5. River Rafting

Manali river rafting is practised by those who wish to experience the hard currents of water. River rafting is mainly done during the summer season that is from April to June. River rafting is done in the Pirdi to Jhidi section of river in the Kullu district. River rafting can become difficult if the weather conditions are not accurate. River rafting is mainly composed in the river Beas downstream from Manali.

6. River Crossing

River crossing is another interesting adventure sports carried in Bhang and Aleo points in Manali. If this sport is carried without the help of a professional trainer then this results in a risky sport. Except for monsoon, this sport is enjoyed in all the seasons.

The adventure sports mentioned above are a must try sports in Manali. Apart from these, there are many more adventure sports like Mountain Climbing, Motor Biking, Gadola ride, Hot Air Ballooning, Horse Riding, Jeep Safari, Kayaking, etc which can also be tried by the travelers while making this trip an adventurous one.

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Featured Photo: The highway dance. by Simon Matzinger under CC BY 2.0



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