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You people may have visited a number of places that connects you to the history of India. Today this article is here to let you know about one of the greatest historical places of India. You people may have heard about the place Murshidabad. This place is one of the most attractive historical places of India. The people who are connected to the tourism of various places or the people who love to travel from place to place surely have heard of this place. This place is the evidence of a number of histories of Bengal. You will get to know about the most popular visiting places of Murshidabad from the following paragraphs of this article. You may also take help from the Murshidabad Map to know about the visiting places of Murshidabad.











Photo by Fif’

Places to visit in Murshidabad

Each and every place of this world is famous for a specific reason. It may be the food of that place or may be the history of that place; it can also be the architecture of that place. Today this article will introduce this place history along with great architectures. You may get to know about the visiting places from the website of Murshidabad tourism also. The Murshidabad tourism has their commercial website. You may also get to know this place history form other websites also. Those websites will also guide you with Murshidabad map. You may also purchase the Murshidabad map to go in the right paths and to know about great visiting places. Following are the places to visit are listed-

  • Hazarduari palace- this is probably the most popular attraction of Murshidabad. This is a huge palace built in an area about 41 acres. This place is named so due to the occurrence of thousand doors within the palace. Among the thousand doors the 900 are real and the rest 10 are false. These false gates were built to misguide people. This palace was developed during the rule of Nawab Nazim Humayun Jah. You will also find the touch of British architecture in this place because this palace was build under the supervision of Colonel Duncan McLeod.
  • Nizmat Imambara- this is a beautiful mosque built by Nawab Mansoor Ali Khan Feradun Jah. This beautiful mosque was built after the Imambara build by Nawab Siraj-ud-Doula burned out. You may get to read the history of this mosque in the web page of Murshidabad tourism.
  • Footi mosque- this mosque shows a great touch of the ancient architecture. You will find this mosque in the eastern side of Hazarduari palace. In the Murshidabad map you will be able to find these places clearly.
  • Moti jheel- you will be able to find the mixture of the Indian and the British architechture in this place. This places dose not consist a lake alone. Once there was a palace also. Now the palace is perished.
  • Khosh bag- this place is a beautiful garden. It will be more appropriate to signify this place as a graveyard. A number of members of the Nawab family have been graved in this place.
  • Murshidabad district museum- this place is presents you the beautiful artifacts that Murshidabad You will find the history and the touch of this place culture over here.
  • Belampore market- if you want to purchase the traditional products of Murshidabad then you should visit this market.
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Photo by floydgal

Bottom line of visiting this place

Murshidabad is a place where you will find a number of Places and mosques that are built during the rule of the Nawabs. A lot of places are left to be mentioned. The web page of this place tourism will help you to know more. You will be amazed with the scenic beauty of this place and also the attractive architecture of Murshidabad. This place can be a great choice to spend your weekend. Tough this place is quite tough to cover within the short span of a weekend but you may add one or two days more to visit this place peacefully.

Featured Photo by Fif’

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