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Mahim Mela – A Yearly Fair That Begins On Christmas Day

From intersection of Mahim Causeway and L. J. Road right opposite to Michael church, there’s the dusty lane tapering off to seashore. Past plywood & timber mart, this sandy shore lights up in vibrancy with the time when Mahim Fair gets celebrated! Last time when you witnessed the Ferris wheels moving upon getting required permissions with brisk business of halwa parathas moving off, you knew that you had to wait for one whole year for it to return. One year has passed off, just like before, and this has made local people count days for Mahim Mela, yet again.

An Overview of Mahim Mela

It’s time to fill the evening air with legendary musical pieces, because Mahim Mela is round the corner. So far, people already know that the 10-day annual event is going to see the light of the day on December 25, 2019. The Mahim ka Mela 2020 date indicates to have a closure date of January 5, 2020. The Mahim Fair 2020 is ready to arrive in a gala approach right from the Christmas day celebration.

Mahim Fair 2020 – Eat, Pray, Enjoy (and Repeat the Same Every Year)

One can expect to head to the sidewalks of tomb of the Sufi saint Mahimi for enjoying Mahim Fair until 5th of January, 2020. Nothing unlike last year’s Mahim Mela 2019, Mahim has got the permission to run the Ferris wheels right at Reti Bunder for adults and kids. This fair is going to have shopping stalls for satiating shopping scenes of people along with their food cravings.

Mahim Mela – A Yearly Fair to Begin on Christmas Day This Year
Photo of ‘Toy Cyclist ‘ by Nupur Barua under CC BY 2.0

Every year, the fair gets organized by Saheb Charitable Trust or Wakf. A whopping percentage of devotees arrive here to attend this festival and make offering to this saint at Dargah! They partake in different festivities at this fair. The offering consists of chadars, sandalwood paste, as well as sweets. During the time, Dargah gets lit up with amazing lights and overall it becomes a delight to sights!

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Top Attractions of the Fair

Nothing unlike last Mahim Mela 2019, this year too, the fair is going to have a couple of rides & attractions for children like bumper cars, merry go round, and more. And if you’re someone who aims at reliving your own childhood, you can hop on to Ferris wheel for joyous ride! Besides, mouthwatering delights are also available in food stalls. Shopaholics will love the pleasure of having a great time here in the shopping stalls.

Mahim Fair is your next way to relive your childhood! The experience is something that you would preserve for many days. Oh yes, another amazing thing about visiting this fair is that you are going to get cotton candies available right here!

About the location

Mahim ka Mela 2020 date is expected to be December 25 and is ready to happen at Mahim Reti Bunder in Mumbai. This yearly festival will begins at the Mahim Dargah. Located at the Fakir Paru’s burial, this happens to be 10-days (or more) long event. The top attractions of this fair are Qawwalis, Sufi music, Lectures, food stalls, and more.

Featured Photo of ‘Ferris Wheel’ by Nupur Barua under CC BY 2.0

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