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India as we know is a land of diversity. When we say India is diverse, the same become quite evident from its geography, culture, language and people. Well this diversity can also be seen in the economy and also in transport, confused? Well I shall explain what I am talking about. In india there are a variety of options available when it comes to Transport isn’t it? There is an option that suits each and every pocket, like those cheap tram rides in Bengal which cost just a few rupees to AC buses where comfort could  cost you a bit more. Do you know India flaunts one of the most expensive luxury trains of Asia? – The Maharajas’ Express. So today lets go on Lavish journey on The Maharajas Express.

The Maharajas Express – Purely Masterpiece

Maharajas Express photoPhoto by Train Chartering & Private Rail Cars

Yes it is a masterpiece which shines in all the possible aspects when it comes to travel, accommodation and service. This train is a winner of several honours and awards. The Maharajas Express perhaps the one and only train ride in the world which has been particularly designed to deliver pure luxury. The train runs five pan-Indian voyages which passes through through some of the most incredible destinations, views and attractions of the country. The travellers who are on-board this Indian luxury train actually get a real feel of the past lavishness particularly from the times of the Indian royalty.

The Maharajas’ Express was inaugurated in the year 2010 in the month of March. Since then it has been operating with pride. There has been a record, that since inception this train has never failed to provide complete satisfaction to its travellers.

10 Most Fascinating Facts About The Maharajas’ Express

Maharajas Express photoPhoto by Train Chartering & Private Rail Cars

1. Royal Indian palace Which Travels On Wheels

The entire design and concept of this lavish train is based on that of a royal Indian palace. Well the only difference would be that this one travels on wheels. The royal precision which has been incorporated in the making of this train is mind blowing. No wonder just being present on the train itself shares an instant feeling of royalty and ethnicity.

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2. IRCTC Is The Sole Owner

Initially The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) operated the Maharaja Express jointly with Cox and Kings. But by the mid of 2011 the collaboration broke up. Since then IRCTC is the sole owner and operator of this extraordinary train.


3. Awards & Recognition

Maharajas Express photoPhoto by Train Chartering & Private Rail Cars

The Maharajas Express has been a winner of ‘The World’s Leading Luxury Train’ four times in a row at The World Travel Awards. One of the most recent awards won was at the Seven Stars 2015 under the category of ‘Luxury Hospitality and Life style Awards’. Maharaja Express has also been the 1st runner up in the Specialist Train Operators Category at Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Travel Award in the year 2011 and in the year 2010 it won the ‘Best Luxury Train’ at CNBC Awaaz Travel Award.

4. Five Pan-Indian Voyages

Maharajas Express basically runs on 5 routes. These five pan-Indian routes cover more than 12 quaint destinations. Most of the destinations covered by this train serve as a heritage to the country. Based on the taste and preference the travellers can choose any of the journeys offered.

Maharajas Express photoPhoto by Train Chartering & Private Rail Cars

5. Grand Interiors

Since its royal it has to be grand. As I mentioned earlier the interiors are pretty grand and hence they boasts the view of a Royal Indian palace. It’s just not the interiors, but even the staffs working on the train dress like royal servants. All this add a lot to the royalty and aristocracy the train offers.

6. All Modern Amenities Available

Be it the basic amenities or the modern luxuries, you cannot really find any aspect in which the train actually lacks. It’s an on the wheels excellence which is running with pride. Souvenir shops, Bathtubs in bathrooms, relaxation chairs, Libraries are few of the assets of the luxurious train ride.

Maharajas Express photoPhoto by Train Chartering & Private Rail Cars

7. Private Bars

To entertain the boarders of the train the Maharaja Express houses two separate bars. Rajah Club is one of the bars which is attached to the delicacy lounge of the train. And out of the 23 royal carriages which run with the train, one of those carriages is a dedicated bar car.

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8. Accommodation Capacity Limited To 88 nos

Just 88! Well this is not those normal passenger trains remember. Well jokes aside in order to maintain the luxury and also provide optimum services to all travellers passengers; The accommodation capacity on the Maharaja Express has been limited to 88.

Maharajas Express photoPhoto by Train Chartering & Private Rail Cars

9. Off-Train Trips

Travelling on the Maharaja Express is just not about travelling, but there is a bonus offering too- there are off-train excursions at almost every destination. It could be a boring experience to travel for days on the same transport isn’t it? Well The Maharajas’ Express addresses to this problem quite well they provide off-train excursions at every destination. One of the most favourite is the safaris into the dense forests of the country, that’s pretty enthralling for the travellers.

10. The Presidential Suite

Well it is surely going to be an expensive ride as it is the most expensive rail rides not only in the country but across the world. There is a Presidential suite on the Maharaja Express and think how much could the Indian Panorama tour package costs you – $ 23,700. Oops that’s a lot of money isn’t it? Well for those who have travelled they felt the price is pretty negligible when compared to the amount of luxury and class they got exposed to during the travel.

So are you ready to explore the $ 23K Indian Train Ride? Please share your thoughts and experience with us as comments below.

Photo by Train Chartering & Private Rail Cars

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Maharajas Express: One Of The Most Extravagant Luxury Trains Of India

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