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We all have grown up playing with magnets since childhood isn’t it? So it’s time to tell you a tale of some real magnetic magic. When we talk about Ladakh, instantly we collate it with adventures and even mysteries. Well for all who have visited will surely agree with this as Ladakh truly lives up to the expectations. We all call Kashmir to be the paradise on earth, and if there is any place which can give completion to Kashmir then Ladakh would top the list for sure. Today I shall share a tale about one enchanting place in Leh which is called the Magnetic Hill. A Place where your eyes shall defeat your mind.

The Hush-hush Mystery Of The Magnetic Hill

Ladakh has many places which are truly enchanting. But there is one such place which has been a mystery for quite some time now. I am talking about a road which is sited about 30 kilometres towards Kargil from Leh. This road is our very own spot which is full of mysteries and is known as the magnetic hill in Ladakh. Thinking what is mysterious about this stretch of road? The road which goes ahead from this particular point on the highway (Srinagar-Leh) clearly shows that its going uphill. But the click is not there but, if one turns off his\her cars engine and leaves it in neutral, a magic occurs where one can clearly see the car slowly moving. It can even independently go up to a speed of 20 kilometres \ hour isn’t that mysterious?

What Pulls The Cars: Supernatural Forces Or Optical Illusion

It is believed that the spot of this Magnetic Hill, has such a layout where the surrounding land displays an optical illusion. The illusion of such that the very sight of the downhill appears absolutely opposite to that of an uphill slope. So when the car if left to neutral its actually rolling down than actually moving up.

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However, the other side of the story isn’t backed with any science, people believe that there is some very strong magnetic force which actually pulls the car. Also the tourist drivers make sure to stop the car at the Magnetic Hill so that the tourist could see and feel the magnetic magic for real.

Magnetic Hill photoPhoto by Enygmatic-Halycon

Magnetic Hill: A Path To The Heaven?

Well to me this sounded as a funny story. But the locals and villagers in particular narrate this totally different story about the Magnetic Hill. They say that once in Ladakh lied a pathway which led straight to the heaven. So the people who deserve the heaven would automatically get pulled and the undeserving ones would never be able to get up there even if they tried hard. For the locals and the villagers, the entire concept of Magnetic Hill has a supernatural connection.

Pilots Avoid The Magnetic Hill

Magnetic Hill is definitely not as notorious as the very popular Bermuda Triangle. But pilots prefer to play safe. They do not fly any helicopter or aircrafts over the Magnetic Hill. The Pilots in fact increase their altitude while flying over this region so that they can avoid the magnetic interference of this hill.

The Magical Game Of Optical Illusion

All over the world there are several such phenomenon which are characterized as Gravity Hills. Roads which appear to be going up but the actually slant is down. Rivers flowing uphill, another optical illusion which is actually defying gravity. There are many such examples where optical illusion plays a magical game, like Tulsishyam (Gujarat), Gansu (China) and Electric Brae (Scotland).

So when it comes to Magnetic hill in Ladakh, it isn’t any magic, but the came same concept of optical illusion. It isn’t a path to heaven but a natural optical effect which is caused by the typical layout of the hills which obstruct the horizon, and that stretch of the road appears to be uphill. But the reality is that it is downhill, that’s why the cars slowly gain momentum. Your eyes see these hills at this stretch which are so naturally laid out, that it actually deceives your mind. And you are bound to believe that you are going up, when you actually are not. When one’s eyes doesn’t see the horizon clearly is when there is no way for the mind to contradict.

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So make sure that you stop at the Magnetic Hill, when you visit Leh. You too will probably get lost in this amazing magic caused by the nature. The feeling of this amazing ride where your mind shall get enchanted by this magic of this hill will truly be an experience of your life time. Well you are surely getting tricked by the optical illusion factor, but would you care about it amidst the magical land of Ladakh?

Featured Photo by Kartikeya Kaul

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Magnetic Hill: The Gravity Hill In Leh, Ladakh

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