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Sar Pass is the best convenient trek place for the beginners. The Sar Pass is in Paravati Valley which is situated in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, which is a state in India. Sar means a lake in a local language. Sar Pass located at an altitude of 4270m, it might be taken as a boundless introduction to great altitude trekking. When to take a trekking through the path from Tila Lotni to Biskeri Ridge, all need to pass by a cute small lake which would be frozen normally, hence this frozen lake has been named to be the Sar Pass Trek. Presence in the Kanawar Wildlife Sanctuary, this place is called the paradise for the birdwatcher.

Sar Pass Trek suitable for people those who need to practice all styles of terrain. While trekking to Sar Pass you will have the chance to discover the dense forest area, grazing land, charming villages, else mountains covered fully with snow, this road provides a range of experiences to trekkers.

It is said that every year there is a trek been organized by the Youth Hostels Association of India. One batch will contain 40 to 50 persons who will start every day commencing 1 May to 31 May. Over years, this trek is one of the best exciting and demanding treks presented by Youth Hostels of India.

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The trek initially is started from Kasol that is said to be the haven for travelers from everywhere the globe, also appeals great weekend crowds; most of them would be the city youths, excited for a wedge of the bohemian regime. To supply the tourists the shops will be well stocked with all the requirements, luxuries plus needs. You will have ample of stay choices in both, pocket-friendly and high-end, that travelers can either choose cuisines from Israeli, Continental, Indian, also Chinese. The distance of the trek would be around 100 Km round trip. For trekking, you will need 7 to 8 days normally.

How can you reach Kasol to start your Trekking

  • If you are taking Road Travel: Kullu (25 km) will be the closest chief bus station which is much well connected with all buses and cabs to all the north Indian cities together with Delhi (550 Km, Shimla (300 Km) , Ambala (300 km) ) and Chandigarh (310 km). You will have numerous buses and cabs to Kasol from these destinations.
  • When to take the travel by Rail: Here the closest railheads from Chandigarh (310 km) as well as Ambala (300 km). From there you can avail buses and cab facility to Kullu. The travel will take around 8 hours. Then Kasol is an hour drive from Kasol.
  • If you are traveling by Air: Bhuntar, that is 25 km far distance from Kasol, will be the nearby airport. Next would be Delhi is the main close airport, which would be 565 km away from Manali. Preferring Delhi airport would be a good choice since the city is well linked to all major cities in India than many cities abroad. Likewise, you can march to the rafting spot from the Bhuntar airport that would be around 5-6 Km away.

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We have listed some of the possible trekking Itinerary that could really make you trip existing

  • The approach to reach Sar Pass in short is Grahan (2350m) > Ming Thach (3400m)> Nagaru (3800m) > Over Sar Pass (4270m) to Bishkeri Thach (3352m) > Pulga (2400m
  • Grahan > Padri > Min Thatch > Nagaru > Bishkeri > Bhandak Thatch over Sar Pass
  • Grahan > Ming> Thach > Nagaru > Biskeri > Bhandak Thach over Sar Pass
  • Grahan > Padri > Ratapani Nagaru > Over Sar Pass (4270m) to Bishkeri Thach (3352m)
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A Magical Adventure Trek To Sar Pass In Kullu Valley

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