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Everyone prefers to avoid hardships, who doesn’t like to reach their destination quickly and easily? But I have always been taught that sometimes taking the difficult road is totally worth. Thinking why this philosophy? Well today I will be discussing this beautiful place called Madhe Ghat which is located near Pune. To witness the real beauty of Madhe Ghat one needs to take the difficult route. I know you would ask me why, so stay tuned I am sure this write up will give some answer.

Madhe Ghat: A Little Less Renowned Wonder Near Pune

I happened to visit Madhe Ghat some 3 years back with some of my friends. It was one of the most awesome decisions made by all of us to head down the road to the edge to Madhe ghat.  Located at a distance of around 62 kilometres south-west of Pune, Madhe Ghat is positioned at about 850 meters above the sea level and amidst the dense forests behind Torna Fort. Madhe Ghat offers some of the most perfect views of the vast areas such as Raigad fort, Lingana, Varandha ghat and Shivthar Ghal. Well the road trip will surely be a challenging one as the road at Madhe Ghat is pretty steep and muddy. To add further to the challenges of visiting this place let me tell you that this place is very cold and there are no hotels above and this area is still under development. Guess this is one reason why the beauty of this place is so untouched.

History Of Madhe Ghat

Ok let me talk a little bit about the history of this place. It is believed that when Narveer Tanaji Malusare the great warrior died in the Sinhagad battle, for his last rites his body was to be taken to his native village Umrath that is near Poladpur. The funeral procession of Tanaji Malusare was taken to his native place from the Madhe ghat route.

The 2 Major Routes Available To Reach Madhe Ghat

Let me tell you if you plan to go to Madhe Ghat, then there are two major routes.

  1. Nasarapur – 80 kilometres

You need to ride down to the Satara road from Pune to reach shiwapur. Then follow the same road until you find “Nasarapur bypass” from here take a left turn. On taking the left turn you will reach Nasrapur village from Nasrapur take right to reach a village called Velhe.

  1. Pabe khind – 70 kilometres
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For the second option, ride from pune towards the Sinhagad Road, Khadakwasla Dam, Donje Phata, and Khanapur, Paabe. On crossing Khanapur ride for another 10 kilometres and take a left turn. There is a board that instructs to take a left turn towards Pabe. Once you cross pabe village ride for another 1 kilometre and this road joins the Nasarapur-Velhe Road. Take a right turn, Velhe village is around 5 kilometres from here. This second route doesn’t have any highway and some parts also do not have any proper road. The road here is very narrow and cuts down through dense forests, villages and flows along the outlines of the landscape.

The Mesmerising Waterfall

There is a small waterfall along the path of the madhe ghat.  On the way you would see greenery as far as vision allows you to. Yes it’s time to take a deep breath of the freshness. On to the road you would see small waterfalls flowed on to the road with loose rock faces which have somewhat collapsed and covered the road with mud. Well if you get lucky you would find a snake or two making their way to somewhere in the dense forest.

A No Road Destination

It can be quite challenging to get to the Madhe ghar, as the real challenge begins as you get closer to your destination. Trust me if you take this tough road, the experience of an on road trip would be amazing as there is absolutely no road here. As I mentioned earlier the place is totally cold, and hence the visibility is pretty low, amidst the wilderness and the thick fog makes it very difficult to see things clearly. Climbing the inclined just rocks layered on the muddy road is pretty tough guys. You got to watch out.

Totally Amazing Top Of The Plateau

After this challenging walk on a road which is practically not a road, you would reach a plateau which is the top of the fall. The best part about the entire struggle is that you actually get to stand on the edge on this plateau. Yes you can walk right unto the edge to the point where the fall begins. Nothing can be more amazing that the 270 degree view from the plateau. What you get to see is the entire Varandha range side-on. One can even climb down to the bottom of the fall, but be careful.  Walking a bit further to the next cliff that faces the falls will give you a view of the fall.

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When I visited the mist was actually playing the game of hide and seek with us. The rain along with the mist made it way to perfect and memorable. Trust me the top of the plateau is totally amazing and also one of the most serene places. The dense fog that’s doesn’t allow you see much, and in the back you can hear heavy sound of the water cascading down onto rocks totally speechless.

Well Madhe Ghat is not a very well known place as of now; guess this is one reason why it receives very few visitors. If you plan to visit this place next, then better be well prepared for any short comings along the way. I would suggest grab some food along as there are very few options available along the way. The best season to visit Madhe Ghat is from June to December.

Did you get the answer for why choose the tough road? Well I am not really saying to face dangerous situations. But for me it was an experience which was all worth. The highway does allow you reach this destination much faster and safer too. Taking the road less travelled or taking the highway, Madhe Ghat will surely give you end number of fond memories.

So when are you planning your adventurous trip to Madhe Ghat? Do it soon! Have something to share about Madhe Ghat? Why don’t you share it with us right away as comments. Until then Travel Hard and Be Safe.

Featured Photo by Yogendra174

Madhe Ghat, Its Time To Take A Road Less Travelled

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