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Lucknow, in India we also call it the Nawabo Ka Shahar. The Lucknow city is immensely rich, when it comes to traditional history. I happen to visit this city last year after a long gap and I was surprised to see that the changing time hasn’t influenced the city too much. In this changing era when we all are looking forward to smart cities, Lucknow still stands with a pure heart and untouched culture and traditions.

Lucknow: The Home Of The Nawab’s

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When we talk about Lucknow, we pair it up with history. Well to me this history stuff sounds typically boring. So I am not really going to get into detailing the history of Lucknow here. This historical is the capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh and was also the home of the nawabs. The nawab who established Lucknow was Nawab Wazid Ali. Apart from the rich historical importance, this place is also known for the people who have something typical which we call Tehzib. But today we would know how this Nawabo Ka Shahar is also world famous for its Non-Veg Food. Or shall I call it A Paradise for The Non Veg Lovers. To know the real reason why Lucknow is called the Nawabo Ka shahar you need to taste it.

Lucknow For The Love Of Kebabs

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What are Kebabs, do I really need to introduce this one legendary dish to you people? Well kebab’s are small chunks of meat or vegetables or fruits threaded on skewers and barbecued. It is usually eaten as a starter. But the term kebab finds it origin during the time of Changez Khan whose horse- back riders would kill an animal, clean it, cut it into pieces and thread the pieces over the daggers or swords and cook over open fire. These mouth melting meat or vegetable grilled skewer dishes are liked by one and all and are sure to satisfy any palate. Here are some kabab recipes from our collection for you to try. Learn the easy way how to make kebabs. Well India just love’s kebab’, no wonder we have so many kebab corners across the country.

Kebab I feel is the first love for a true Non-Vegetarian. There are end numbers of varieties available in India, made of different ingredients and spices. Well the list is long, but some of the most popular ones are Boti kebab, Achari Tikka, Chicken tikka, Dora kabab, Galawat kabab , Hariyali kabab, Galauti kebab, Tangri kebab, Dahi ke kabab and Burra kebab. Adding few more delicious names to the list, Patili ke kebabs, Kakori, Ghutwa, Kathi , Seena, Tandoori, Tangdi and Samak.

Well don’t be disheartened if you are a vegetarian, as Lucknow has something for you too, try these veggies kebabs made of Arbi, Kathal, Rajma, Dalcha, Jimmykand and many more.

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The Most Legendary Kebab Joints In India

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Tunday Kebabi – The Oldest Kebab Makers Of Lucknow!

The moment we start talking about kebab’s we think of the Tunday Kebabi. Well why not this shop is legendary in all terms as it has been serving the localities and visitors for more than a century now. Tunday Kebabi was started by the one-armed chef Late Haji Murad Ali. The name of the shop Tundey somewhat is associated to the chef as he use to prepare the kebabs with one hand. It is believed that Haji Murad Ali lost one of his arms in an unfortunate kite flying accident. Well but the accident didn’t demotivate the chef, he invented this legendary kebab. The magic of his recipe is still enchanting people not only in the country but even abroad. Their popularity is such that it is now the the fortune of their third generation which is actually shining bright and strong.

Tunday Kebabi is located in three different places in Lucknow, the Akbari gate, Aminabad and Kapoorthala. They are known mainly for their two scrumptious kebabs namely mutton & beef kebab. Well limited menu doesn’t mean they don’t have much to offer, these guys have been concentrating more on the quality over variety. Trust me this place is one of the most popular places to eat in Lucknow and never falls short of customers, in fact their fan following keeps increasing. It’s the belief I guess that has ensured the Tunday Kebabi to become an all-time favourite across all the classes. Their finger licking menu includes other dishes like the mutton biryani, chicken masala, korma and the all-time favourite tandoori chicken. Tunday Kebabi has a very reasonably priced menu.

There are many celebrites and forigners who are actually dedicated fan of this place. If you haven’t tried it yet then rush, as the next name on the huge fan list of Tunday Kebabi will surely be yours. Nothing can beat that hot platter of two pieces of kebabs (Mutton or Beef) along with your favourite bread (be it, Parantha, Roti or Sheermaal). It will surely leabe you asking for one another plate for sure.

Dastarkhwan photoPhoto by Grey World

Dastarkhwan : Keeping Lucknow’s Food Culture Alive

Dastarkhwan a place which wants to keep the food culture of Lucknow alive forever. The name of this place typically means a place where people sit together in groups on the floor carpets. But this particulat thing has changed now, this place now has a proper seating arrangement with chairs. People come to Dastarkhwan to enjoy their scrumptious varieties of Kebab. Located in central Lucknow, Dastarkhwan is always crowded with groups of youngster who come here to relish some of the most lip-smacking kebabs in the town. They are known for their Shami Kebabs, which is a typical lamb preparation. Their Gulawat Kebab is out of the world, it is purely made with minced Mutton meat. Seekh Kebabs which are an all-time favourite, here they do it the original way where they roast as well as fry it. Their fourth not to miss variety of Kebab is the Boti Kebab, a typical mutton preparation which is meant for those who prefer to eat slowly so that they enjoy each piece of the delicious boneless mutton. Dastarkhwan has four separate centres located in Hazratganj, Lalbagh, Gomtinagar and Indiranagar. They have already celebrated their silver jubilee.

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Other Popular Kebab Places In Lucknow

Each and every nook and corner of lucknow has this tempting smell coming, so just follow your nose and you would land to a place selling some delicious kebabs. Naushijaan Kebabi known for their delicious biryani and kebabs and the Zeeshan Biryani Corner who specialises in their Galawati kebabs are few more popular places to relish some of the most mouth-watering kebabs in Lucknow.

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Best Accompaniments To Kebabs

I remember filling up my stomach with kebabs and tandoori only, but not all can do it. The reason is that for the Indians, either they need rice or roti in their place to fulfil their psychological hunger. In case you plan to have kebabs for a meal you got to try it with Sheermal or Paratha. These are the two most popular accompaniments with the Kebabs.

For all those health freaks, stop being so sceptical as the spices and other ingredients of Lucknowi kebab, will do more good to you than any harm. So for a day forget that regret and pick up a seekh of that seekh kebab or gulp a full piece of galwati kebab. That melt in mouth feel is totally out of the world.

When you visit the royal city of Lucknow, just don’t get lost in knowing the royal history and viewing the royal monuments. The real royalty can actually be tasted. This reminds me of a childhood joke – “Nawab ka beta Kebab to khayega” it means if you are really nawabi (royal), then you can’t miss having the legendary Kebabs! Trust me there is nothing more divine in Lucknow than a hot plate of Kebabs. It will actually treat your senses with its beautiful AROMA. And also don’t forget to ask for an extra dollop of chutney, remember it’s FREE.

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