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Lucknow Mahotsav – A Grand Festival In Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow, a city marked by history, culture, traditions, music, exclusive cuisines and exotic gardens, conducts many epic cultural events and fairs to allure tourists from all over India and the world. It happens mostly during the winter season, considering the pleasant weather conditions.

A specific theme is associated with Lucknow Mahotsav every year, related to the rich culture associated with the city. The main purpose behind the festival is to promote tourism, art, and culture in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Artists from various genres, classical singers and dancers, poets and other performers participate throughout the entire duration of the festival. They entertain the audience with their spectacular performances, portraying the traditions and heritage of the state.

Various stalls are present to showcase the skilled craftsmanship of the artists. Replicas of different buildings, monuments and towers are displayed, illustrating the key attractions of the state. Amusements and entertainment zones are also present in the fair premises for fun and enjoyment.

The Cultural Highlights of Lucknow Mahotsav

The Mahotsav is flanked with innumerable performances by talented artists. Classical musical recitals are held, where prominent singers mesmerize the audience with their immense skill and expertise. It is amazing to listen to their melodious voices, commemorating a great deal of dedication invested in their achievements. The mastery they have attained in their respective musical genres is worthy of praise and applause. Their performances uphold the richness embedded within the Indian culture of music and entertainment. Ghazals, Thumris, Qawalis are the various types of musical performances held in the festival, leaving the spectators spellbound and awestruck.

Dance artists from various parts of Lucknow showcase their immense talent in the form of their astonishing performances. Kathak dances and dance dramas of Lord Krishna, stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata, tales of the accomplishments of the Nawabs of Lucknow keep the visitors engulfed into their grandness. The Mushayara and the Kavi Sammelan are one of the unique attractions of the Mahotsav. Renowned poets and shayars of various generations and genres attend the event. They enthrall the poem enthusiasts with their explicit poetic charisma. It is fascinating to listen to the rich language and lyrics of their poems. They keep the audience engaged with their wonderful plethora of poetic charm. The poems clearly depict the knowledge possessed by them on the Urdu and Hindi languages.

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Sarangi and Sitar recitals are performed by famous musicians as part of the cultural activities at the festival. The melodious tunes of the traditional musical instruments transform the minds to the ancient era of Nawabs and Kings. The enchanting beats of the recitals delight the music lovers throughout the performances.

Competitions and Sports events

Many enthusiastic and interesting events are conducted for visitors. A traditional cock fighting competition is held where the owners lure their pet birds to fight against the opponents. Competitions on dramas or plays are also conducted where young generation artists can showcase their talents and be recognized in the state or national arena.

Kite flying events are magnificent shows where kites of different shapes and sizes are seen hovering in the sky. The participants try their hands in tackling their kites against each other. The sky gets covered by the vibrant colours of the kites waving in large numbers across the horizon.

Vintage car rally is another star attraction with the ancient cars of different motor companies displayed. It is really a life time experience to watch the cars with unusual shapes and sizes. The cars are usually manufactured in the years between 1915 and 1948. It is the endeavor of the car collectors who preserve and maintain the cars and display them at the festival.

Boat races and other traditional games are too conducted by the organizers as a gala event. The locals participate in large numbers in the races. It is really astonishing to watch the vigour and energy level of the participants.

The Cuisines at the Mahotsav

Uttar Pradesh hosts some of the exclusive cuisines of North India. Food stalls, restaurants and food chains can be found selling wide varieties of delicious dishes. If you are a foodie then it is a perfect place for you to relish your taste buds. Its is a stupendous experience to gulp into some of the lips smacking dishes like Kebabs, the Paranthas, Phirnis and so on. The visitors can enjoy a scrumptious spread of options for lunch and dinner.

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The Art and Craft of the festival

Art and Craft shops offering the carvings and paintings of sculptured artists and craftsmen, allure the visitors from India and abroad. The artistic figures of humans, animals, and birds portray the proficiency of the artists. They uplift the traditions and folk culture of the state. Their accomplishments are noteworthy and demand appreciation.

Lucknow Mahotsav is monumental in elevating the Indian ancient culture and traditions. It is impressive to observe the dedication of the organizers, who are relentlessly trying to preserve and promote the heritage of Uttar Pradesh every year through this festival.

Featured Photo of ‘International Kite Mahotsav 2013’ by Kaushik Patel under CC BY 2.0


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