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During the holidays, there is no better place to take the children, or rather, the entire family out for a Circus adventure. Circus has been a fortifying dose of the family entertainment all over the world since ages. That remained as the most exciting family outing for many families for many years. Unfortunately, since the past few years, Circus has been losing out on his former glory for different issues, and if you want to name one, it can be tied up directly with the fiscal problems. Many of us, even me myself, have got some great food for the memories of my childhood, where I used to visit the giant Circus tents along with my parents. I was so eager to see the balancing acts, the made up jesters and the obedient animals following their ring masters and what not? But, as mentioned before, due to the monetary issues along with other problems like prohibition in using animals for the entertainment purposes, the Indian industry of Circus is now breathing its last days of existence. I recently went on to a Circus Tent for interviewing the artists of the arena of entertaining people and came to know about the emotions behind their ‘bad days’ which may not have a silver lining.

Circus photoPhoto by kellogg

Circus : Then Vs Now

The arena of Circus has gone through a drastic change since the past few years. At the time of our childhood, Circus used to bring to us a plethora of entertaining acts which included the acts of the wild animals, acrobats jumping high in the air through trapezes, man throwing fire, girls balancing on a motor cycle, animals riding on a bike and who can forget about the Jokers? The colorful, funny individuals, who hid their plight behind the white powders and painted red lips with a plump red nose, It is needless to say that when the lion opened its mouth, and the ring master pushed his head inside it; gave all the spectators a chilling experience, which created a niche in their hearts as memories. A niche so deep, that they were attracted to the Circus ring again and again. Now, the scenario has changed in a great way, and the prohibition to use the wild animals has left the Circus owners to use only elephants.

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The prohibition could be applied on the elephants because elephants are also tamed and used in many temples of India for the performing of various rituals. In the Circus tent, when I arrived, I could not believe what I saw behind the tent. People were playing cricket with the tamed elephants. It is indeed a priceless moment to watch. Actually, the ban on the Circus animals, acted as a boon, because now, the people got more chances to showcase their acrobatic talent in front of the hundreds of spectators. But, nowadays, people seldom have the time to get for a Circus show, with their family. The incredible feats of the Circus humans remained to be explored since the ban on using the animals was levied. Now, people seldom have the interest in watching the talents of other humans. Had it been an animal, they would have given it a consideration once. This is actually the human nature of the modern world, which cannot be blamed really.

Circus photoPhoto by Liz Henry

The Circus now, still continues with its affairs of fascinations that includes the showcasing of jugglery, magic, dance and music, and also cracking of the silly jokes by the jokers. A perfect ensemble of showMENship that is performed like continuous clockwork, with unparalled skill. Your breath will be taken for one hundred and fifty minutes for sure.

What remains in the Circus today

As of today, only a few vestiges, the vertical motorcycle acts, jumping and tumbling trapeze artists and the clowns can be witnessed, struggling hard to make the people forget their stress for hours and indulge themselves in pure acts of humor and excitement. The people, who were sitting beside me in my recent attendance of the show, were seen to be applauding the performing artists in a distinctive childlike exuberance. Only one thing that is bothersome now, is the number of spectators which is gradually diminishing by time.

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Featured Photo by Graham C99

Indian Circus; Turning Some Old Pages

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