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Lonar Lake

Lonar Lake is one of Maharashtra’s best-kept secrets. This place is not known by many except locals and occasional trekkers. Lonar Lake is a hidden secret, even to those who travel from far and wide to see the Ajanta and Ellora caves of Aurangabad. However, the four-hour drive from Aurangabad is definitely worth it. This place deserves to be explored. It is one of the few destinations’ which is as splendid as the journey. The journey runs through quaint villages and fields of paddy. The path down to the lake is muddy, and actually gives you the feel of being on a trek. Crossing the quicksand on the banks is an adventure. But after you cross all the obstacles and reach the lake, you forget all of it. The view is just amazing. It feels as if you are admiring one of Picasso’s paintings’. The woods, bebay the lake and the panorama is worth it. The sky so blue, the grass so green and in the centre lies the gushy grand lake. Its like a very large “BOWL OF HAPPINESS”.

Lonar Lake Panorama_Yadnyesh JoshiThose who are fond of wilderness just reached their part of heaven. The woods are home to so many exotic birds and animals, that one just can’t imagine. Bird-watchers and Animal lovers, this will definitely help you will your scrapbook of exotic creatures. This is not among those places which you easily forget, it gives you so many memories- the peace, the quiet, the priceless entities which you wish to experience.

Lonar crater lake2

But it’s at the lake that our eyes cease. It’s magical. This lake however has a story behind it, a story which involves the NASA too!  The lake was formed by a crashing of a meteor forming a crater. Over time, this crater led to the creation of the lake.

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This place is one of a kind and sure to blow your mind. Travel around the world and you will find no place like this. This place is a total bliss. It’s beautiful, calm and green. If you wish for a pleasant place, this is your dream destination.


Lonar Lake

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