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Loliem Beach And The 90 Meter Long Sea Caves

Goa is well known for its popular beaches. However, there are some beaches and places, which are less frequented. But nevertheless, they are fascinatingly beautiful. One perfect example of this kind of beach in Goa is that of the Loliem Beach. The beach is gaining prominence for the 90-meter long sea caves, which is concealed with the rocky outcrop. Gradually people are visiting this wonder and making the place a great tourist attraction.

Goa beach photo
What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. by Senthil Nathan Photography under CC BY 2.0

Location of Loliem Beach

Everyone knows of the famous Agonda and Palolem Beaches in Goa. The Loliem Beach is located at a distance of about 15-20 kilometers from these beaches. There is also the Loliem railway station, from where you can reach the beach. Locals can be asked the direction and they can guide successfully. The beach is also a few kilometers in distance from the national highway. However, accessing the beach is not that easy. One has to cross a thickly forested valley and a path, which is stone paved, to reach down to the beach. Usually you need to hire the services of a guide for reaching the place.

Main attraction of Loliem Beach

The main attraction of Loliem Beach is the 90-meter long sea caves, which is hidden in the rocky outcrop of the place. The cave is believed to be wave-cut and thus is a splendor. It is one of a kind in Goa and perhaps there are no such wonders in close vicinity of the area. Sea caves are not very common, and this one can be easily compared to the one in New Zealand, though that one is longer. With this sea cave, Loliem Beach might make a place on the world sea cave map.

Sea caves are not very common in India. However, this sea cave has been formed naturally. It has been possible as the beach experiences intense wave action on meta-basalt rocks. The process has been continued for over thousands of years. It is quite strange that this unique phenomenon had been undiscovered for long periods. It has been lately found by tourists and now the place is being frequented by people on and off.

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Geographers are studying the nature of this sea cave and have found it to be highly fascinating. The cave is L-shaped and nature has designed it in a unique and different manner. Sea caves are mainly formed due to erosion in the weak areas. The wave action starts on the narrow cracks and crevices and these increases with time and the force of the sea water. There are also other fascinating coastal features, which can be seen, including cliffs, bars, headlands etc.

The beach is very beautiful, but there are innumerable bats which make shrill screeching sound and impart an eeriness to the ambiance. There is an absence of sand on the beach, but what can be seen is a weathered material which is caused due to long-term erosion. Multiple cracks can be seen on the rocks and they are in the process of decomposition.

Best time to visit Loliem Beach

Goa can be visited at any time of the year. However, when asked for recommendations, it is suggested to visit the place between November and March. The weather remains pleasant and cool at this time of the year. One can enjoy the cool sea breeze blowing at this time. However, some people also like exploring Goa and its beaches during monsoons from June to September.

Other nearby attractions to Loliem Beach

As mentioned previously, Palolem and Agonda Beach are at a distance of 15-20 kilometers from Loliem Beach. Also, Xendrem Beach lies in cross proximity to this beach at a distance of just 0.6 kilometers.

Featured Photo: at the edge of the sea by niyatibane under CC BY-SA 2.0

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