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The importance of Litti Choka to Bihar is similar to the importance of Rosogolla to West Bengal. Litti Choka a remarkable dish which comes from the state of Bihar is not only popular in India today, but has also made a special mark globally.

The Delectable Cuisine Of Bihar

Bihari Cuisine is absolutely delicious; one major reason is the use of generous amount of ingredients. Be it Oil, ghee, spices, sugar the Bihari’s do not believe to be a miser when it comes to cooking good food. No wonder their dishes look rich and taste divine. Some of the most popular dishes from this state which are also relished in other parts of our country are Litti Chokha, sattu paratha and Posto Daana(KhusKhus) Halwa. Other traditional dishes made in almost all Bihari Kitchens are Khichdi, Pitha, Kadhi bari, Dhuska, and Thekua . These are just few of the popular names, if I try to name all I would probably write of paras after paras.

Litti Chokha & Daal Baati: The Rustic Cousin’s

One more popular dish from Rajasthan looks pretty much similar to our Littis and that is known as Baati. Litti are made of wheat with a spicy filling of Sattu, on the other hand Baati’s are also made with wheat flour with some exotic spices and curd mixed in the dough itself. Both can be baked and deep fried. Baati’s go best with this spicy daal (lentils) on the other hand litti’s taste scrumptious with Potato and Brinjal Choka. We can say Litti Choka is a rustic cousin of the Daal and Baati. Both these dishes are unique to their respective states and are absolutely delicious.

Rustic Way Of Cooking Adds Real Flavour

One very important factor which makes the Litti and Chokha absolutely delicious is the rustic way of cooking it. Well these days it is not possible for people like us to go rustic, hence we make it either on the gas oven tandoor or the OTG and micro-oven. But the taste of these are absolutely different from the ones cooked in the earthen way. Check out 2 rustic way of cooking Litti and Choka.

1. Goitha

I remember in my childhood I used to see my mom cooking it over Goitha. Goithas are cow dung cakes which are used in many villages even today for cooking, this might sound tacky but it’s true. It’s just not Litti and chokha which is cooked on these cakes but people cook a variety of dishes on these and you got to trust me the taste of the food cooked in Goitha is heavenly good.

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2. Wood Charcoal

This is another form of rustic cooking, we do this even today. Unlike Goitha’s these are easier to handle and also easily available. Cooking with wood charcoal is just like barbequing, I guess all know what barbeque is. Wood charcoal adds that earthiness to the food being cooked and that too taste absolutely delicious.

Litti And Choka: Know The Flavour Of Bihar

Lets understand more of what this Litti and Choka actually is, what makes it taste so deliciously good.


Litti! well that sounds so incomplete without the word Chokha isn’t it. But let me explain what these Litti’s actually are, these are small balls made from wheat flour dough with a very spicy and tangy filling. The filling of the littis are made of Sattu ( Roasted Gram Flour), mixed with a variety ingredients like, onion, ginger, garlic, lemon, coriander seeds, pickle, mustard oil, onion seeds and carom seeds. All these are mixed together and then filled into the wheat flour dough and carved into the shape of a ball. These balls are then cooked until the dough is done, once cooked its dipped into Ghee and served with Choka, chutney, onion and pickle.


Here is the companion, a spicy and tangy choka which is in all ways the true companion of the Littis. Choka can either be made separately of potatoes or with Brinjal, tomatoes and potatoes. These days normally people roast the brinjal and tomatoes on the stove, but the taste of Choka enhances even more if they are cooked on the Goitha or charcoal. To add more flavour to these veggies add some mustard oil along with onion, ginger, garlic, coriander leaves and salt. Simple yet high on flavours.

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Forget Calories: Dip Litti Into That Bowl Full Of Melted Ghee

Sounds calorie-icious but trust me if you try it once you will always eat them this way. During my childhood my granny used to make littis during the winter season on the terrace, she used to cook it on the Goitha and next to the hot Goitha she used to place a bowl full of ghee. Once the Littis used to get cooked they used to go straight into the ghee. The hot littis used to soak up all the ghee and become soft. The flavour of the ghee add a different identity to the littis.

Litti Goes Best With ?

I always knew that we eat it with Choka, yes that the traditional way of eating it. But I was surprised to know people enjoy littis with non-veg. To be more specific these litti’s taste yummy with spicy chicken curry and spicy mutton curry. I am yet to give this combination a try. But till date for me Littis match best with the mouth-watering Choka.

The combination of Litti & Choka is truly a match made in heaven and nothing can ever beat it. Well other options too are worth trying.

You got to try this world popular dish as soon as possible, I am sure this would become one of your favourites. In fact there is another interesting fact about this Bihari dish and that is that many celebrities from the Bollywood and even Hollywood loved it. Some popular names who tried this scrumptious dish are Mr.Bacchan, Aamir Khan and Mandy Moore. So what are you waiting for? Do give it a try soon .

Litti Chokha: The Hallmark Of Bihari Cuisine

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