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Lembu Chai Or Lemon Tea – The Refreshing Beverage Of India

Its relaxing effect creates a sensational experience, refreshing the mind of anxieties and worries. In almost every city of India you would find street side vendors and tea stalls selling Lembu Chai or Lemon Tea. It has turned out to be a preferred beverage among many Indians.

Adding lemon juice to lukewarm water and consuming it, is commonly prescribed by dietitians for reducing weight and for detoxification. Alternately lemon tea has achieved prominence in the weight loss regime for many individuals. The benefits of lemon are multiple due to its high content of vitamin C and other plant compounds.

The Essence of Lembu Chai

Lembu Chai is known by various names in India, Nimbu Chai or Lemon Tea or even Lebu Cha. The tangy taste of lemon imparts a special flavor to the tea. Mixed with spices like black pepper or crushed ginger, the taste further enhances creating a spicy effect. Drink one cup of lemon tea in the morning, you will soon realize its astonishing influence on your health.

The tea stalls and the street side vendors sell lemon tea in almost same quantities as Masala tea. This proves the significant growth of customers relishing the tea not only because of its taste but the difference it creates within the human body.

The Preparation

Lemon tea can be consumed hot or cold. The hot one is an instant relief from cold, cough, lung and throat infections. Cold lemon tea topped with ice cubes consumed on hot summer days creates a chilling and soothing effect within. You can add some Indian spices or fruit juices and syrups for the added flavor and aroma.

First boil water in a pan or a tea kettle for some time. There are various ways to prepare Lembu Chai. You can pour the boiled water in cups and dip black tea bags into it. If you are not a lover of black tea then you can dip in green tea bags as well. Prepare juice by squeezing a lemon by the hand crusher. Pour the juice into the tea and stir it well. Add honey for the sweetened taste. You can cut a round shaped lemon slice and add for garnishing. Serve the tea hot.

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The other option is to use tea leaves in the boiling water. Stain the leaves once the desired color is achieved and then add lemon juice and honey as per the taste. Some people add crushed ginger, cardamom pods and cinnamon sticks too inside the boiling water with the soaked tea leaves. Once the mixture is stained, add lemon juice and honey to prepare the tea.

If you want to prepare iced lemon tea then you need to add ice cubes into the tea with lemon and honey and refrigerate. Once it becomes sufficiently cold, serve it with additional ice cubes and a slice of lemon.

The Benefits of Lemon Tea

Lemon tea is beneficial for the human body especially since its main ingredient is lemon. Lemon contains vitamin C, plant compounds and fiber capable of creating a protective cover against cold, cough and flue. It reduces chances of lung congestion and throat infections to a considerable extent.

Lemon tea controls the blood cholesterol levels significantly, preventing heart ailments and respiratory disorders to a great extent. Researchers have proved that citrus fiber lowers the risk of heart attacks.

Weight control is the major benefit of consuming lemon tea. It burns the calories and extra fats inside the body thus reducing weight significantly. The presence of plant compounds in lemon contributes in preventing weight gain.

The pectin fiber in lemon enhances the digestive capacity of the body by increasing the metabolism rate. This in turn has a significant positive impact on the digestive system of the human body.

Anemia is a common phenomenon occurring in many individuals due to the deficiency of iron in the body. Lemon Tea can assist in increasing the iron content of the body simple because it expands the human body capacity to absorb the iron from edible plant sources. The absorption capacity enhancement is increased mainly because of the presence of vitamin C and citric acid in lemons.

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And the Conclusion…

Now when you know the extraordinary benefits of lemon tea, do not wait to include it in your morning routine diet. Once you start consuming it, you will be marveled with its magic and its excellent effect on your body. It will keep you refreshed and energetic throughout the day. You will experience a new zeal and enthusiasm in your professional and personal lives. Your body immunity will be enhanced, preventing the attacks from harmful bacteria and germs.

Your heart condition will be improved which is very important for a healthy life. Your mind will be relieved from tensions and mental stress. Your blood pressure and cholesterol levels will remain under control, keeping you fresh and active. You will live a life with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

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