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Lavasa – A Planned Indian Hill Station

Lavasa is the newest hill station in India. This private city is constructed by the Lavasa Corporation. This is a beautiful city stylistically developed in the Italian town Portofino. Lavasa is a privately planned hill city situated near Pune. It comprises of 5 townships situated in the hilly terrains of Sahyadri range of the Western Ghats.  Lavasa is a perfect blend of infrastructure and beauty spread across an area of 25,000 acres including 7 hills. The city has an ecologically sustainable environment which provides natural and healthy surroundings to the inhabitants.

Lavasa is considered as an enjoyable retreat for the tourists and also offers a lot of beautiful and picturesque sceneries to its visitors. It also offers extremely well-developed infrastructure which includes residential property, educational institutes, IT companies, malls, hotels, resorts and much more. For those people who are wishing for a small trip which is away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, Lavasa is becoming a favorite hangout for them. Situated amidst lush green hills, Lavasa is absolutely considered as a leisure holiday destination.

How to Reach

To travel Lavasa in Pune, Air facility is the most convenient option. From Lavasa, Pune Airport is the nearest airport which serves many domestic and international flights like Vistara, Air India Express, Jet Airways, Go Air etc. One can also travel to Mumbai International Airport which also serves good connectivity to all the other major airports in India.

lavasa photo
Lavasa Hill station , Maharashtra by Arjun Singh Kulkarni under CC BY-SA 2.0

When to Visit

In Lavasa, winters are quite pleasant with cold nights and warm days. One can also see various beautiful sights with the ease of climate and so winters are considered as a good time to visit Lavasa. Summer season is also considered as the best time for visiting Lavasa. The rains bring about greenery in the place. The breath-taking landscape and the petrichor during this month are quite mesmerizing.

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The culture of Lavasa is highly cosmopolitan due to mixed population residing in the city and also the people who visit the city each year. A great blend of the culture is brought about by the standard of lifestyles of the people. Lavasa has become a home for many people all across the country. An integral part of Lavasa culture is the various community events that take place here. All the festivals like Christmas, Eid, Guruparab, Diwali, and Holi are celebrated with much enthusiasm and zeal. One can also witness the feeling of patriotism during the national festivals. Apart from this the city also serves with an array of cuisines. One can also experience an amazing blend of different tastes.


Some Best Places To Visit In Lavasa

1. Temghar Dam –  Temghar Dam is an earth-fill dam located on the Mutha River which flows through the Pune city. The dam is surrounded by verdant amidst engulfed hills. The dam is situated 40 km away from Pune in Lavasa. The visitors are mesmerized by the enticing panorama of the dam. The dam also offers a mesmerizing view of Temghar Reservoir. Temghar dam also serves as a famous camping site and a picnic spot for the locals as well as for the tourists. This dam provides water supply to the Pune city. One can also enjoy Butta along with some hot tea on your visit to the Temghar dam. One can also witness the blend of man’s and natures heavenly creations which provides a mind-blowing experience to the visitors. Temghar Dam is considered as an unforgettable place to be visited in Lavasa.

2. Vajrai Falls – Vajrai waterfall is the biggest spring in the hill city and also an ideal place to spend time with family and friends in Lavasa. When monsoon is in full swing, the falls behold a marvelous sight and lies on the Lavasa- Panshet road. Surrounded by bamboo thickets and lush green slopes, the snow white stream appears like a silver strip that forms a pristine, and a calm pool provides a jaw-dropping sight. This waterfall also provides a perfect sight for photography. The waterfall also provides a thrilling waterfall safari while enjoying the natural bounties of Lavasa city.

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lavasa photo
View from my hotel room in Lavasa, India by Joi under CC BY 2.0

3. Bamboosa – At Bamboosa in Lavasa city, one can witness a different view of the hill city. It is a craft factory which is dedicated to the production and popularization of bamboo products. It is a factory cum showroom which has employed a large number of local people to make bamboo products. This factory provides a wide range of amazing crafted bamboo products and handicrafts like the table, chair, sofa, bed, photo frames, pen stands, knives and other home and office accents which offers a perfect glimpse of how the products are manufactured and preserved by the local artisans. This factory helps in generating employment opportunities along with some marvelous artifacts.

4. The All American Diner – The All American Dinner in Lavasa provides the best American cuisine for a food lover. It is a part of The Waterfront Shaw and adds weight to the prestige and reputation of the Hotel. The hotel provides an elaborate menu which has shakes, malts, waffles, pancakes, burgers and decadent ‘All Day Breakfast’. It is a must visit place in Lavasa. The All America Diner directly transports you to America. The interior of the hotel has done with enamel plaques and several tins that have been selected from antique shops. The color combination of red and green against a chequered black and white floor, the poster of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley on the wall provides an authentic American feel.

5. Rock climbing – One can also enjoy rock climbing in the Lavasa city. It is a challenging and fun sport. Rock climbing is offered by many organizations but the popular X-Thrill offers the most advanced facilities. There are many natural rock formations in the hilly areas of Lavasa where you can enjoy this sport. All the necessary equipment and gear are provided by the X-Thrill to ensure your safety. An instructor is also allotted to guide you throughout the activity. The set of equipment is different for those who have tried it before and who are trying it for the first time.

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Featured Photo: Lavasa by Nishanth Jois under CC BY 2.0

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