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Featured Photo by krishna67

 A visit to the Spiti valley of Himachal Pradesh is incomplete without a trip to Langza village, one of the most beautiful parts of this region. This remote village is surrounded by scenic mountains all around and is just 16 kilometers from Kaza. Nothing short of paradise on earth, Langza is situated at an altitude of about 14000 feet above the sea level and is also one of the highest villages with a motorable road.

Langza has two parts.,i.e. the upper part, which is known as the Langza Gongma and the Lower part, which is known as Langza Yongma. With mainly Buddhists living in the village, it has a small population of about 140 people in the village. These Buddhist belong to the Sakyapa sect of Buddhism and agriculture is their main livelihood. Villagers are also well known for their beautiful mud-craft. They are also available for sale.

The main attraction of the village is certainly the surreal and breathtaking beauty of nature. As far you may see you will find vast mountain lands and snow clad mountains all around. Another mesmerizing sight is the golden statue of Lord Buddha under open sky looking on the valley. This giant statue is believed to be 1000 years old.

Langza Monastery
Featured Photo by Richard Weil

There is also an ancient monastery in the village.

This place was under water millions of years ago and with the rise of Himalayas when tectonic plates shifted, this place rose up. Hence apart from the panoramic views, this place is also a major attraction for anthropologists and geologists as there lot of fossils of plants and sea animals scattered all around. Just going up in high mountains in this area and looking under the rocks you would be able to see a lot of fossils.

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There are two lakes around Langza. They are called Chumo Tso and Tsonyeti. However, they are located quite high and trekking to those lakes may be troublesome as the oxygen level is quite low in that area.

When to visit:

In winter, the harsh climate most of the time seclude the village from the outside world. But if you really want to see Langza in winter, you will have to hike from Kaza or avail a ride to the village somehow, from the locals. Animals such as snow leopards, Himalayan Griffon wanders around the village during winter.

Summertime, or before or after winter is the best time to visit the place. The mountains on top have snow-capped peaks and present perfect view and will certainly become the best photograph in your travel album. Just a simple serene village with a peaceful life, with sheep grazing and yaks moving around.

How to reach :

One may take a bus from Manali or New Delhi to Kaza. From there, government buses go to Langza but only twice a week. You may hire a private car or cab from Kaza.
The villagers openly welcome visitors and for a night’s stay, you may look for homestays in one of the houses. Simple home cooked meals are served. There are no hotels in Langza.

Featured Photo by krishna67

Langza- A Paradisiacal Destination In Himachal Pradesh

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