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India is the land of lakes. There are numerous lakes in this country which are there in the country which many people do not know of. In this article, you will come across those lesser known lakes which are continuously criss-crossing the Indian sub-continent, ranging from the foothills of Himalayas to the back waters of Kerala. With so many seas jostling the crowds, lakes come as retreating fun. The lakes must be inside the list of each and every traveller out there, who want to taste a different flavor of the country, sitting beside the banks of the serene greens and blues. So, wasting no more time, read below to know about the mighty lakes of India.

The Vembanad Lake

Visiting Kerala means living by the waters. The Vembanad Lake is a pond which serves the people as a popular spot for carrying out picnics. The lake also provides as a great spot for sightseeing as well as fishing. There are numerous boatmen who will give you unforgettable rides of the house boats, across the lake. Onam is the best time to visit the lakes.


The Punganoor Lake at Yelagiri

The Punganoor Lake of Yelagiri is a treat for the boating enthusiasts of the country. Out there at the vicinity of the lakes, one can find beautiful flower gardens with so many kid-friendly rides. This is an artificial lakes which is spread around 57 square kilometers and is an excellent place for rowing as well.

The Berijam Lake of Kodaikanal

The Berijam Lake of Kodaikanal is a freshwater lakes, which remains hidden inside the dense forests near the beautiful hills of Kodaikanal. This lake is the perfect example of the beauty and serenity of South India. The view of this lake is extreme mesmerizing with its view of the hills.

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The Saputara Lake of Gujarat

The Saputara Lake, at the foothills of the Sahyadri range is a great place for paddling, boating and also many activities. The best time to visit this place is between March to November.

The Venna Lake of Mahabaleshwar

The Venna Lake is considered to be an integral part of a socio-cultural landscape and therefore, it offers a great peek inside the nature. You can indulge in fishing, boating, and also pony riding, obviously when you are on the land. The lake is flanked by blooming flowers, lush greenery which attracts a good amount of tourists all-round the year.


The Pichola Lake of Udaipur

Udaipur, is considered as the city of lakes, a tag which has been given by the Government of India. If you are travelling in Udaipur, and do not have a plan for traversing in the Pichola lake, then you will be definitely committing a sin. The boats depart from the Rameshwar Ghat, inside the City Palace Gardens. You can also visit the Fateh Sagar Lake and travel at the bottom of Moti Magra Hill. The best time to visit this lake is from the months of October and March.

The Loktak Lake in Manipur

Ever witnessed small ponds inside gigantic lakes? No? then worry not, you have to visit Manipur’s Loktak Lake. This lake is considered to be the single most floating water body of the globe. From floating house boats, to the guest houses, this lake has it all. This is, needless to say, that this place is a great spot for holidaying. There are numerous small island like structures that are spread across the marine bodies which are locally called the phumdis. When the sunrays hit the surface of the water, the entire scenery gives an enchanting feeling to the onlooker. The best time to visit the place is between early March to November.

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The Tamdil lakes of Mizoram

Tamdil Lake is known as the picnic basket of the tourists. One can witness so many different kinds of birds, flower and also fauna. You can visit the lake in between October and March.

The Changu Lake of Sikkim

The Changu Lake is based at the altitude of 12,000 feet above the level of the sea. This place is actually located in India. The lake is oval is shape and just 1 kilometers long. The best time to visit the lake is between April and July.


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