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Come to Ladakh this September!  Be there between 20th to 25th September 2018 to attend the remarkable Ladakh Bird festival 2018.

What happens at Bird Festivals?

Bird-watching is an exciting hobby.  Bird festivals are great events to explore this hobby to the fullest!  Most Bird festivals are organized during the peak bird migrating seasons. And so, there are many advantages to attending these festivals. Obviously, you will see the most number of local birds and migratory birds. You will also get to meet expert ornithologists, bird watchers and knowledgeable locals who would augment your interest in avian earthlings with seminars, documentary movie screenings, workshops and bird watching trips.

Some Bird festivals in India

ladakh avifauna photo

Photo by soumyajit nandy

Every year there are numerous birds festivals held across the country.  There is one held at Chilka lake by the Odisha tourist department.  Dhudhwa Bird festival is held in Dhudhwa National park, Uttar Pradesh.  Karnataka bird festival is celebrated to view and study endemic birds in the Western Ghats.  over.

The Ladakh Bird Festival

This year, the Ladakh Bird festival will be held for six days alongside the more famous Ladakh festival. It is being organized by Wildlife Conservation and Birds Club of Ladakh(WCBCL). The associate partners are the Local Government and Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC), Leh.

The WCBCL is a locally formed organization of like-minded individuals whose aim is to conserve Ladakh’s natural bounties in their own personal way. The members have by themselves conducted several surveys to collect facts, photographs, and records for future conservational use.  Some of their campaigns include Workshop on Bird monitoring, Clean Birds’ Habitat Campaign, a Photo exhibition on Wildlife of Ladakh, Ladakh Bird count, celebrating Bird exodus Week, World Migratory Bird day and many more.

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More than 500 Bird enthusiasts, ornithologists, wildlife conservationists, Photographers, Wild conservation artists and bird lovers are expected at the Ladakh Bird Festival to be conducted in Leh.  It will be an occasion for birdies both amateur and professional – to view, photograph, document and speak on the various bird species in Ladakh.

An amazing diversity of Avifauna in Ladakh

Ladakh has a desert type of climate. Summers are hot and humid. During the winter season, the temperature drops below zero degrees.  One wonders if living organisms can survive these extremes. Surprisingly, a tremendous variety of Flora and Fauna are found in this arid land that includes 310 species of birds.

During the winter months, resident bird species breed at higher altitudes. Almost at the same time migrant birds who breed in northern Palearctic also arrive at this arid region. So, one can get to watch a wide diaspora of birds during this festival.

The most popular places to watch birds here are Suru Valley, Rozong Monastery, Hemis National Park, Puga Sumdo Valley, Tsokar Plains, Tsomoriri lakes, Shey marshes, and Nubra valley.

ladakh bird photo

Photo by ZeePack

You can admire a variety of Finches, redstarts, hooopes, and robins here.  Other birds include Snow Partridge, Himalayan Snowcock, varieties of quail, Varieties of Geese, Tibetian Partridge, Eurasian Wigeon Northern Shoveler, Northern Pintail, Mallard, Gadwall, Common Tal, different Pochard species, common pochard, Smew, Tufted Duck, Pigeon varieties, Terns, Gulls, Grebes, European/Oriental Turtle dove, Tibetian Sandgrouse, Eurasian Nightjar, Palla’s Fish eagle, Egyptian Vulture, Pallid Harrier, Upland Buzzard, Red Kite, different Swift species, Demoiselle Crane, Siberian Crane, Asian Koel, Pied Cuckoo, Black Stork, Common coot, Baillon’s Crake, Spotted Crake, Corn Crake, Bittern species, different Cormorant species, Ibis bill, Pied Avocet, Pacific Golden Plover, Indian Pond Heron, Marsh Sandpiper, Common Greenshank, Whimbrel and many more.

ladakh birds photo

Photo by soumyajit nandy

At this year’s festival, you can view these amazing birds at temperatures touching -10c. There will be prizes and citations for winners of various competitions during this festival.  These prizes will be judged and eminent and experienced Judges at the fag-end of the festivities.

Be there and admire how life exists even in desert-like conditions. Understand how you and all of us can protect it from the modern banes of pollution, population explosion, and global warming.


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Photo by Pardesi*

Don’t Miss Out The Ladakh Bird Festival

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