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The Laad Bazaar also popularly known as the Choodi Bazar is an immensely popular market in Hyderabad. The popularity if this market is even older than the time since Hyderabad gained popularity as an important business activity hub. People who visited Hyderabad always make it a point to visit this beautiful radiant market. The Laad Bazaar is one of the oldest markets set in Hyderabad and the history of this baazar ways back to the era of the Nizams.

Laad Means To Pamper

As a women one thing that can pamper me the most is shopping and guess what is the meaning of LAAD- well it means to Pamper. Seriously this market totally lives up to its name. Well let me get on the meaning of the word Laad in reference to the whole context here, Lacquer (Laad) is the main material which are needed to make bangles. Often studded with beautiful gems, stones and other embellishments these lacquer turn into beautiful bangles.

bangles photoPhoto by SyN+H

Laad Bazaar: Binding Traditions and Beliefs

Bangles are considered to be one of the most important ornaments that an Indian women wears. These beautiful colours play a very important role in almost all the phases of a woman’s life. Be it a married woman who wear them as a significance of their husband or a young and beautiful girl who wears it as a symbol of fashion, these bangles are important for all. In few of our Indian cultures wearing bangles are even considered to be auspicious and are a must for all important occasions. Laad Bazaar is all about beautiful and radiant bangles and in true sense it is binding the traditions and beliefs stronger even today by offering beautiful bangles for all sorts of occasion.

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Laad Bazaar For & Its Importance For The Indian Brides

Marriage one of the most beautiful occasion for any Indian women. I feel each and every woman in India waits for this one day. Preparations for marriage start much sooner isn’t it? be it clothes, bags, cosmetic and bangles we women enjoy shopping at the peak for this one occasion. The fantasy of every women is to represent her traditions and culture through the attire she wears on this day. One of the main part of the bridal attire are the bangles of course. Some like to wear heavy and some refer simple ones, Laad Bazaar offers the just right dream set of bangles to every Indian bride.

This market is the best place to shop when it comes for bangles for the wedding. Mainly popular for bangles as the name suggests, but ladies you van also shop for sarees, artificial jewellery, antiques, silverware, traditional Khara dupattas, fabrics and perfumes, etc. it’s an ultimate shopping destination for the wedding season.

bangles photoPhoto by Karan Dodia

Laad Bazaar: Feel The Essence Of Real Indian Bazaar

In case you are visiting this market, then get ready to see some real crowd. Each and every lane is this market stays packed with shoppers all around. When I say feel I essence I mean here the shopkeepers call out loud to their potential customers. Well Indian markets are noisy, and I feel this noise adds charm to the total shopping experience.

Bargaining @ Laad Bazaar

Another good thing about shopping here is that you can save some money of you have good bargaining skills, so make sure you polish them before visiting the Laad Bazaar. Bargaining I believe is the most important part when it comes to shopping in the Indian markets. To get a good deal one needs to have really good bargaining skills and of course knowledge of the Indian markets too. Always remember don’t every be shy while bargaining, but be adamant to quote the price which you think is right, and trust me it works wonders!

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bangles photoPhoto by bryangeek

The Laad Bazaar Hyderabad

Laad Bazzar is a historical markets specialised in bangles. It has been attracting thousands of locals and tourist. This glittering bangle market gives the shopper the right bangle that one has always desired for. In fact, it caters quite well to any and every demand of the shoppers who flock all around the market. Laad Bazaar is the first name that comes to the mind when one thinks shopping for bangles in Hyderabad. Amidst the busy lanes of Hyderabad near the Charminar area, there are end number of shops that offer beautiful variety of bangles perfect for any occasion, wedding or festival. The Lac Bangles are the speciality of this bazaar, but you will also find a variety of metal bangles, brass bangles, silver bangles and glass bangles.

Lac Bangles Of The Laad Bazaar

The Lac Bangles as I said are the speciality of this bazaar, these are carefully crafted bangles which are further elaborated with variety of beautiful stones. However, the other speciality of this bazaar are the brass and silver bangles.

Don’t you want to experience shopping in the bright and colourful Laad Bazaar, this is for sure a must visit place for you! If you plan to visit Hyderabad, make sure you have this place in your bucket list and trust me you won’t regret going there. It shall be all the worth, be it time or money.

Photo by Magic Momentz

Laad Bazaar Hyderabad: The Market For Radiant Bangles

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