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The exploration of caves is always an important face and is always loved by the visitors. The ambiance of the caves is still loved by many people. Although many of us have not seen a cave in reality still we have an idea of how it looks like. Cave expedition is one of the most interesting activities so one should go for it. Many of us have heard about rock cut caves like Badami caves, Ajanta and Ellora caves but now it’s time to explore a more rural cave. The Kutumsar cave in Chattisgarh is one such cave which is a natural one and is untouched by man i.e. no constructions is made by man. Whatever exists in this cave are all natural one.

Kutumsar Cave And Its Description

Kutumsar cave is an underground cave and is 330 m in length. This cave is the 2nd largest natural cave in the world. Kutumsar cave was discovered since 1993 and is also well known for stalagmite and stalactite formations. This cave is situated 35 meters below ground level and is known as India’s first underground cave. The Kutumsar cave is located inside Kanger valley national park. The visitors at Kutumsar cave are taken right from the entrance room by stairs to the narrow tall chambers to the big hall which possesses superb audial.

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There are 5 chambers in Kutumsar cave. The chambers have blind wells. After entering the cave the visitors get curious to see the formation of stalactites and this provokes interest among the scientists. The beauty of the cave is highlighted by the truth that there is no sunlight in the cave i.e no sunlight is able to reach there. Blind frogs and fish live in the pool of water inside the cave. The mystery and history of the cave are woven by the tribal people. Kutumsar cave is also named as Kotamsar or Gupanpal caves. From Jagdalpur Kutumsar cave is 40 km apart.

Kutumsar caves are tone dark caves. The main attraction of the cave is at the end of the cave because the stalagmites Shiva-linga is formed over hundreds of years ago. So you need to walk till the end to see the Shiva-linga. The visitors are recommended to carry torches with themselves. Also, there is tour guide with the help of whom the visitors can walk towards the end of the cave. The tour guides also carry torches with them. Visitors are divided into different batches and one batch is taken at a time till then the other batch waits till the previous batch come back. To avoid commotion inside the cave few people are taken at a time although the cave is spacious enough. Before entering the cave the visitors need to walk through the dense forests to enter the main entrance of the cave which proves to be very exciting. Similar to Kutumsar cave is Kailash Gufa cave.

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The Shiva-linga shaped formation in Kutumsar caves served it as a religious place. Pooja and offering with light incense sticks were made by the people. Later the use of incense sticks was banned because its use inside the cave was destroying the natural environment. Today this place serves as tourist spot only. During monsoons, this cave remains submerged. Some pools filled with water are found inside the cave.

Best Time To Visit

The entry to the cave is not allowed during monsoons because it gets full with water. The period between November – March is considered the best time to visit the cave because this is the winter season and the weather is quite pleasant. The visitors need to pay the entry fees, for the tour guide and for the torches or lamp which needs to be carried by them while entering the cave.

Means Of Transport

Chhattisgarh caves photoPhotos by Abhinav (The Ludhiana Edition),

To visit Kutumsare cave, first, you need to reach Jagdalpur which is situated in Bastar district. This place is connected by various roads. It takes an hour to reach Kutumsar from Jagdalpur as it is 32 km away. The nearest airport and railway junction to Kutumsar is Raipur. Tourist needs to travel 10 km inside the Kanger park to reach Kutumsar. No public transports facility is available since it is located inside the park.

Some Eye-Catching Attractions

The view inside the cave is really interesting and eye catching. One is able to see the different formations of the rock cuttings. Some formations look like an eye of an animal while some like the trunk of an elephant. To capture the view the visitor needs a flash light camera because of the darkness inside the cave. The visitors need to be very careful while visiting the whole cave because the path is slippery and the formations made are needle-shaped so that might hurt them. No waste or any dirt is allowed to be thrown inside the cave.

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Another important attraction inside the cave is the blind fish and blind frogs. It is said that the fishes exit from millions of year ago inside the cave where there is no light and so they have lost their sight. In the same manner, blind frogs also exist but they are really very colorful. The visitors can touch the fish as they can’t see the fingers. After seeing all this the visitors might not wish to return back but they will be told to return back to the guide as they do not take you to the end of the cave. Further, there are large wells inside the cave which is very deep inside. If u wish to through a coin you will not be able to hear the voice because it’s too deep inside.

No food and refreshment stalls or shops are provided outside the cave so you need to carry all your kinds of stuff from the main market or from Jagdalpur. Accommodation facility and proper restaurants are there in Jagdalpur but not near the Kutumsar cave.

After visiting the cave, one will feel contended by seeing the natural beauty so a visit to Kutumsar cave is a must.

Photo by M Prem Kumar

Kutumsar Cave – Chhattisgarh

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