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If you are a resident of the City Of Joy, that is Kolkata and wants to take a quick break from the busy city life, then Krishnanagar would be an ideal place to visit. It is a place that is well-regarded for its clay models, beautiful architecture and scenic beauty. Besides that, the area of Krishnanagar has always been popular as many kings have ruled here. One can stay in affordable Krishnanagar hotels to explore the place in a better manner. If one knows where to look, then one may find that Bengal is a place that has many hidden gems. These gems can be converted into ideal weekend getaways, and Krishnanagar is one such place.

A brief overview

This place is often known as the headquarters of district Nadia. It is located around 130 kilometers away from the city of Kolkata. One would quickly find a little dispute from where this place has derived, but it can be concluded without any doubt that the name came from the king whose name itself was Krishnachandra Roy. It spans along the banks of the river Jalangi. One would find that the place of Krishnanagar is quite popular for its modern architectural heritage and culture.

Krishnanagar photoPhoto by Os Rúpias

Why should one visit this place during festivals?

It is interesting to note that this place truly lives up to the expectations. It is with the advent of Krishna festivals, and hence for a quick trip, you can always visit this place. The Krishnanagar railway station is located in the heart of the city, and one can easily find many areas of interest. One may also find vital information about these festivals on the official Krishnanagar tourism site. This place is one of the most visited places during festivals like the Jhulan Mela. It is also a favorite place for Krishna devotees during the celebration of Boro Dol.

The other festivals that are held in the place of Krishnanagar

As mentioned earlier, Krishnanagar is a favorite place for the devotees of Krishna. The major festivals of the town are celebrated. The Rajbari is located close to the Krishnanagar railway station, and one would usually find the place in the map of this place tourism. It is also a place where a tourist can see a majority of hotels. The Krishnanagar hotels play a very crucial role in providing cheap accommodation facilities. The Rajbari is stunning in itself, and the ambiance during the major festivals is hard to mess. It is also a place where one can live in peace and an evening spent beside the river is quite rewarding. Krishnanagar railway station has a good number of suburban trains that run daily from Kolkata.

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The other appealing prospects of visiting Krishnanagar

Another architectural delight that one should not miss in this place is the Catholic Church. It is of the most beautiful medieval church that one can find in the eastern part of India. By entering this Roman Catholic Church, you can witness the glory of ancient Italian paintings and the heavenly illustrations of Lord Jesus Christ. Another major attraction behind visiting this church lies in the fact that one can find a majority of portraits of Italian fashion in this ancient temple.

The clay Artisans

This place is one of the favorite places in the whole of West Bengal to sport clay artisans. They work with a unique principle that is popularly known as Ghurni. A majority of the sculptors residing in Krishnanagar have studied this art in many prestigious institutes from the Western Institutes. However, they have returned to the roots of their ancestors to make sure that they can satiate the needs of other artisans in West Bengal. You can buy the dolls from the Krishnanagar art market. These dolls have been able to garner a lot of attention from various people.

Featured Photo byOs Rúpias

The Culture-Soaked Township Of Krishnanagar- A Perfect Getaway

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