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If you are a true foodie, you know how exciting Indian cuisine is! What makes it even more intriguing is, it has different flavors from different regions and everything tastes good! But among the many tasty dishes, Kori Rotti is popular and favorite among several Indians.

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They say the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. And they are right! The food you eat, the food you like, often shapes you and enriches you. Indians are really lucky to be blessed with a cuisine so rich, flavorful and layered that none can match it. The memories of childhood, the festivals, the special days all remain linked with food. Right from the North, where Punjab packs a punch with its parathas and meats to the West. Rajasthan and Maharashtra stand their own with their spicy foods and hospitality. Complete the journey by going East to the 7 Sisters and their take on inspired local delicacies. But wait, there’s the South! Feeling like a country of its own, the South has varied states and towns battling for your attention. A food connoisseur and tourist can feel overwhelmed but we are here to help you!

With countries like India, different states often influence each other. People keep moving, families spread across the nation and they carry their traditions with them. You will find staunch North Indians enjoying spicy poha, a Maharashtrian dish in Indore. Or excited South Indians clamoring for the tasty, yummy chaat in Delhi. Food binds us and it becomes the common thread to our stories. Generations take root in a very different city or state they were born in and they sprinkle their touch. Cuisines create confluence or merge to become something very tasty and unique. One such dish is Kori Rotti.

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A dish from the Bunt cuisine, a sub-influence of the Mangalorean cuisine, it is savored by locals and tourists eagerly. While the history of the dish is debatable and blurry, it is mainly enjoyed in Southern and Western India. A delectable dish of spicy chicken curry and dry flaky roti, the name itself signifies the dish. ”Kori” means ”Chicken” in Tulu and ”Rotti” is not exactly the conventional ”Roti”, a bread made by households all across India.  But the ‘Rotti’ of this dish is not made of wheat. It is made of rice. South Indians have a variety of rice crepes they like to enjoy with their gravies or curries. The ‘Rotti’ is one such rice crepe, made thin, flaky and dry. They are wafer-like and thin in consistency. Children fondly remember the ladies of the household working hard to get the consistency right and serving them piping hot with the spicy curry. Ground rice paste is thinly spread and dried or baked into crisp sheets. The sheets are then broken into smaller pieces and served with the curry. Nowadays they are manufactured on a mass scale or by companies and sold in packages for everybody to enjoy at a moment’s notice. Indians love their spices and this dish is no exception to the rule. Spicy, fiery red chilies are used to make the chicken curry and give it a tangy, juicy taste.  This dish is a complete package since it has a gravy and the accompanying bread to go with it.

‘Kori Rotti’ employs all the traditional ingredients required in Mangalorean cuisines. Coconuts, tamarinds and fresh cilantro are the trademark of Bunts and Mangaloreans and add their taste to this dish. The fame of this dish has spread across India and you will find coastal towns and restaurants serving their take on the Kori Rotti. Whether it was your mother or grandmother prepared it piping hot or you had it once in on a trip, this dish is worth having again and again!

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Kori Rotti, A True And Classic Indian Dish

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