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I am about to share a very mysterious fact with you today. Will you believe me if I tell you that there is a place in India where almost every family has a pair of Twins? Yes, it’s true! Not many would know Kodinhi a small village located in the remote area of Malappuram district in the beautiful state of Kerala. Surprisingly this village is popular all across the globe as the Twin Town.

Kodinhi: The Mysterious Village Of Twins

A sleepy and quite little place which could truly give you a shock. If you take a simple walk on the streets of Kodinhi you might notice something really peculiar. You might actually start seeing double, don’t worry then as something isn’t wrong in your head but it’s the twins. Yes, twins almost everywhere in this small village, both identical and fraternal twins of all ages. So this clearly means that don’t be surprised if you see twins in almost every family in this small village. At the offices, shops or the market place you will see young and old, identical and non-identical twins almost everywhere.

This strange phenomenon is believed to have started somewhere around 60-70 years ago in Kodinhi. This is a small village with a population of around 2000 people only. But the high rate of twin birth as recorded has given this place immense popularity. Around 350 pairs of twins have been reported till 2012. Around 15 news pairs are born each year as per earlier reported records. Well this number wouldn’t sound big if compared to a metropolitan, but if you consider a small population the numbers are bizarrely high, isn’t it? Well till now there is no information on how and when this phenomenon actually originated.

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Kodinhi Is Very Close To Top The Global Twinning League

If we consider globally out of 1000 live births 6 are twins and when look at Kodinhi the same is 42. Isn’t that a striking difference to the norm of twin birth rate globally. Another interesting fact about this sleepy village us that the rate of twin births is 6 times of the global average. 700% increase isn’t that unbelievable. With this rate Kodinhi will surely top of the global twinning league.

The Funny Side Of Kodinhi

Yes, there are many funny stories surrounding this little twin town. Local people, teachers and sometime even family members face a piquant situation to identify the twins. Basically the problem of identity crisis which prevails almost everywhere. This might sound like a joke, but there are stories of the newly-wedded couples of this village. These newlyweds were found to mistake their partners for their twins. Well this was surely at the beginning of their wedded life!

Did Researchers Find Any Answer To This Unsolved Mystery

Well the answer is No of course, many experts went to this small town but same back scratching their heads. Krishnan Sribiju who is a local doctor at Kodindi has spent a lot of quality time studying this mysterious phenmenan of the twins of Kodinhi. According to him the actual rate of twin births is much more than what the official records say. Another thing that his research finds is that the rate of twin birth in Kodinhi is increasing each year. If the past decade is considered, then the number has of twins have actually doubled.

This strange phenomenon is believed to have started around 60 to 70 years ago in Kodinhi. But until today the exact is a mystery. Many Doctors and experts have been baffled with this mysterious ad unanswered question. Many failed attempts have been made to unravel this mystery. Until we get an answer we can wish that Kodinhi continues to create history like its doing now.

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Adding Another Layer Of Mystery To Kodinhi

Here is another odd layer to this puzzle. While many villagers have been marrying each other within the village and contributing to the twinning trend. For those who marry outsiders and then move away from Kodinhi have been found to exhibit a very high rate of having twins than the normal rate. Isn’t that a strange thing again? There is something magical in the people for sure no wonder the twinning trend continues irrespective of the place.

The most fortunate thing for the locals of Kodinhi is that this twinning phenomenon didn’t really have any negative effect. The only problem noticed and reported is not being able find out which twin one is actually talking too. Well that is the funny side again, but Mistaken identity is one of the common problem here. In fact, we can call it a real headache, rest all seems good. This unique and mysterious phenomenon has made the local villages proud and why not they deserve this unique status, isn’t it?


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Kodinhi: The Village Of Twins In Kerala

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