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As all, we know whole Kerala is one of the best tourist spots in India. In Kerala, there is a beautiful village called Kodanad located in Ernakulam district. This village is actually 18 km away from Cochin International Airport. Since this village is on the banks of Periyar River, it is an amazing place to visit for all those people who come from the city. Kodanad is actually famous for its elephant’s sanctuary. Perumbavur is the nearest town to Kodanad. Greenery, landscapes, coconut groves, crops, and river make Kodanad one of the best tourist spots in Ernakulam. You could see a huge crowd here during the vacations.

Elephant Rehab

Kodanad photo

Photo by letsgoeverywhere

Between 1950 and 1970, Kodanad used to be the place where orphan elephants were trained. The pachyderms that fall into the trap set by the locals are rescued and taken care here. Many elephants were trained and made public property by many people and also Devasom boards that control the temple matters. But later, the central government issued a bill against capturing elephants from the forest. Now, this place is the rehab center for elephants where they teach the basics of survival to the ill or very young elephants. Kodanad has many trainers and elephant doctors to handle these elephants. Some will go back to the forest, but the young ones will be kept at Kodanad and sent back when they are fit to survive.

Elephant Ride

Kodanad photoPhoto by letsgoeverywhere

This rehab center is famous for its discipline and cares towards the elephant. You can see and enjoy the elephant bath and how they play with water. Baby elephants are the real attractions of this place. You can see many mischievous acts from these baby elephants. You can enjoy an elephant safari near to the Sanctuary. It’s an amazing experience which one should not miss while in Kerala. How many of us know that the elephant’s hair in the back pricks your buttocks sometimes? Its hairs are very hard and when it moves you need to really hold on to full power on its back. It’s really a thrilling experience for kids.

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Abhayaranyam Zoo

Kerala zoo photoPhoto by Steve Wilson – over 9 million views Thanks !!

Earlier there was a small zoo next to the Elephant Sanctuary. There used to be many birds, spotted deer, snakes, monkeys and Sambhar deer. At present these animals are taken to the Abhayaranyam zoo which is around 3 km from the Kodanad elephant refugee center. This is placed in the nearest village called Kaprikad. Here, these animals are given full freedom and they can move around freely with natural ease. That’s how this zoo is made!

This zoo was introduced in 2010. Since it’s not fully supported by the authorities, it won’t be that easy to move around this zoo. Walking track is available and people go and enjoy the forest life of animals. You could call this zoo as eco-friendly. Because of its nature, there is nothing made artificially, apart from the fencing for the safety of animals. Abhayaranyam zoo is spread across 200 acres. Once it is fully functional it will be one of the best Zoos in Kerala and people could enjoy wildlife safari.

Periyar River

Paniyelli Poru photoPhoto by naeemcoza

Periyar is one of the most famous and lengthiest rivers in Kerala. Kodanad is on banks of Periyar River. Near to the elephant sanctuary, you can see the river. Many Malayalam and other movies were shot there. The beauty of this place is beyond words and you need to go and enjoy it personally. There is another place called Paneyelli Poru, around 10 km from this tourist’s spot, where you can see huge rocks and waterfalls. Kodanad and the surroundings are the best places to enjoy your weekend with family or friends.

Featured Photo by VnGrijl

Kodanad – A Tranquil Place To Meet Elephants, Jungle And River

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